A feast on the operating system market – Google eats Apple!

26 Apr

Are you familiar with those situations in which you are incredibly convinced that certain things must happen in near future?

Well, I do. And excited by the new insight, I floated my opinion at one of those convivial evenings. Although considering myself being a proud owner of a MacPro, I assured my friends that Apple will not hold its market leading position within the next, let us say, 15 years. Without a doubt, everyone thought it would be completely absurd. The more astonished I was when hearing about this rumor spreading around: Google eats Apple!

The battle of the top in a numerical way

Of course, we are not considering Apple’s well running music program iTunes or those diverse Apps available at the Apple Store. The focus here lies on the mobile operating systems. Respectively,statistics as seen below have proven that Google Android’s Web usage  market share is constantly increasing whereas leading giant Apple iOS lost almost 12% from April’09 to July’10. Without question, Apple and RIM Blackberry remain the Top smartphone manufacturers in the United States. Still, the two companies are constantly losing customers to Android phones, which gained momentum from 12% in April’10 to 17% in July’10.

From zero to hero – but how?

Main reason for success is the fact that Android is available, with the exception of brief update periods, under a free software/ open software license. Its OS is obtainable on various mid- range to top- class smartphones. Through its open approach to mobile computing, manufactures maximize the OS version fragmentation up to the point where they can meet different sizes and capabilities of devices.

Even the extensive offer on applications at Android’s market is facilitated by the open- source ideology. In contrast to the strictly regulated App Market of Apple, users are likely to download apps they are interested in. They have the possibility to chose.

Still, I have to admit that any deregulated free software market should claim some quality standards. Google reacted by introducing the Compatibility Definition Document, limiting users to use Google’s trademark unless being certified.

After all, I am convinced that Apple’s extensive control will eventually leave them left behind. Customers prefer the choice – on hardware, carrier, apps, content or experience.  It will only take a little time for them to realize how important choice and control can be. Therefore, if Apple does not react to the challenge and opens up to public, it will soon be left with a bitter after- taste … and I will win my bet!


4 Responses to “A feast on the operating system market – Google eats Apple!”

  1. Bruce Spear April 26, 2011 at 10:31 pm #

    Brilliant! Maybe the next step might be to gain some precision: who is making what kind of argument on various sides of the issue (evaluating sources, putting them into a conversation with each other). You’ve got an excellent interpretive (and writerly ) framework here, I’m excited to see what you will do next!!!

  2. karen April 27, 2011 at 8:20 am #

    That’s a very interesting topic. I mean today where you see Apple everywhere, it is not really imaginable that this presence will disappear in a few years, but according to the reasons you mentioned, it is totally understandable. I agree with you that customers want to have the choice and will prefer free software, and if Apple doesn’t react they will lose many of them.


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