Are YOU in control?

26 Apr

everything about a person. All you need is full name, address or phone number.

For example, there are 200 million people on Facebook. Most of them use their real name and information. People voluntary give information to the internet. But have you ever thought about safety of your datas and about consequences?

May be this information will make you think about it:

17 January 2007

Workers fired over Internet (Facebook) postings

20 April 2008

Accused killer on Facebook

12 March 2009

Welsh-citizen Brian Lewis killed his wife because she spent too much time on Facebook and changed her marriage status into single.

29 April 2009

Online stalker “killed man out of hatred and obsession”

10 February 2009

Murder Hunt for Facebook Fugitive

There are many more situations happening every day.

Think about it.

You cannot know who is watching you.

2 Responses to “Are YOU in control?”

  1. Bruce Spear April 26, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

    Nice post Sasha! The title is clear and compelling, image is well-positioned and works. The bold type helps me. The topic is excellent! What I’d like to help you (and everyone) do is add value to whatever topic, both by helping you explore it better and putting it into a form that helps readers like me find their way. Here are some tips for you to consider.

    First, tell me what others who know better are saying about the topic, and that likely means using Google Blog Search to find a current conversation. Type “apple privacy” into Google Blog Search, limit to the last week, then open a dozen windows, quickly find the 2-3 that are the most interesting (especially for “business + IT” that is our topic) and offer me a guide that will get me excited about the topic (tell me why it is important) and offer a path (who is saying the most interesting stuff).

    I chose “privacy” because that is your topic, and I added “Apple” because every newspaper has headlines about the iphone collecting much too much info on its users movements. You are free, of course, to choose another topic, but this one is definitely current, a lot of people are talking about it, and I’ll bet your friends are aware of it and would like to know more, too.

    To do this means identifying the issues, the things people think are important, and then how differently they are being discussed (more than one point of view). If you choose a topic that is current, where there is not yet an answer, you have only to report on the debate.

    To report on the debate, use report structures (“a argues …”, b counters … “) and comparative frameworks, (“on the one hand …., on the other”), and at the end, when we see the arguments made by the experts, express your preference or opinion.

    Now I’ll write this up for everybody on my blog.

    Thanks for raising this great topic, being among the first to publish, and giving me a chance to build on what you’ve done!

  2. Sophie April 26, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    Hi Sasha,

    I liked that you gave a warning signal to remind us that Facebook is not just funny but can also be problematic when not being used for friendly purposes.
    However, I think that this is one of the major problems of the internet, having to protect one’s privacy whilst in the meantime trying to be a part of the internet yourself.

    Thank you for your insight!


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