Social Media Revolution

26 Apr

According to some people, social media is just a tool for entertainment, communication with friends and sometimes just waste of time but it includes more than it seems.

`Social Media Revolution 2010` makes clear the idea of what actually social media provides to people, even business life. I said business life because as you can see `consultants and marketing  professionals are the most active users  of social media`  in the video ,it gives a big opportunity  for them to increase  effectiveness, success and of course profits of their business. Nowadays,  it is almost impossible to imagine any way to be known well by consumers ,give consumers an opportunity  be part of  production and increase their qualities without IT.

The real numbers of being active, getting account and benefits from social media indicates the importance of it for everybody.

That is important because of the inescapable growth of using social media every year and you can see some predictions about future of it in a few years.

I am not talking about just Facebook, Twitter and similar social also includes `Wikipedia` and the other online places which you can get any information whenever you need or blogs  to create your own pages which consist of  your ideas interests, images and comments. It is a kind of way you can be part of it or a tool you can get what you need with better opportunities.

Of course there are a lot of disadvantages of having that kind of social medias in our life like losing privacy and something like that but it is so obvious  that  you can get a lot of benefits from it .

Therefore, it depends how you add it to your life and how you  prefer to use.


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