Heiner Brand unemployed?

27 Apr

Friday morning, I open my lovely laptop, check my mails („you have won a car/iphone/1.000.000 €…) but also a link of a friend of mine on YouTube.

Heiner Brand, our national handball coach sitting in an employment center desperate for a job.
Although I would not consider myself as the biggest sports or handball fan, I couldn’t help but wonder what this was all about.
Why did he loose his job?Why did no newspaper report about it?Is he really going to start as a tour guide? And why is there a camera filming this pretty embarrassing scenario in such a good quality?

There I was, standing at a crossroad. Should I stay and do the research or go and sit in the sun to improve my tan.
Finally I decided to dig deeper into this…
Next step?Investigation of the youtube site.And this is what I found:

„Heiner Brand vor dem Aus? Endet so die Karriere eines der größten
deutschen Sportidole? Durch eine neue Generation von Trainern
scheinen dem Beckenbauer des Handballs schwere Zeiten
bevorzustehen. Wie auf dem Arbeitsamt deutlich wird: Da hilft auch
kein Bundesverdienstkreuz.

Mehr zu micoach: http://www.adidas.com/micoach
adidas Running: http://www.facebook.com/adidasrunning“

So this so-called micoach and the unemployment of Mr.Brand is somehow linked.
But how?
Opening the adidas site made me realize, that the adidas micoach is a virtual trainer. So because of this trainer Mr.Brand has to go to the employment center!What a great marketing strategy!

This kind of marketing is called viral marketing, where people watch or see some kind of advert without knowing that it is actually an advert, just like this one.

Seeing it, raises many questions and everyone has to become an investigator for 10 minutes.

I think this is a great way to promote new products differently.What do you think?


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