Privacy on Social Networks

1 May

  A social networks is a kind of tool to connect with people ,share your personal knowledges, images , videos, interests with your friends or sometimes to make a new friend by using these common stuff(hobbies, interests..).

  There is a huge growth of using social networks and no way to prevent this situation. A lot of debates go around about advantages and disadvantages of using social networks. I think it is pretty easy to indicate which benefits people can get by using them for friendships, brands, marketing, logistics and something like that.

  What about disadvantages?

  Do we really use that kind of tool for our benefits without any risk?

  Let`s think about Facebook which has more than 600 million active users.

  At the beginning, i thought that it would be harmless to use it with your close friends. First we add our personal knowledges  from date of birth to address. Than start to share our photos,videos and personal interest. It gets more connection with new friends who you barely know and we are available  to be found  by a friend of a friend of our friend. It goes on like that.

  What is next?

   After a while i realized that i have shared my stuuf with people i cant really trust though i have about 200 friends on my Facebook. What about  the people who have about 600/700/800 .. friends.? Maybe it sounds weird and  unrealistic but unfortunately true because i know it from my most of friends who do have those number. Are they really close friends with each other to share everything?Of course not. Therefore ,even if your profile  is visible  to just your friends, it is not enough for safety.

    Being searchable on Google with your social network`s profile,other personal knowledges with photos doesn’t seem safety too.

   On the other hand ,your every move is watched on the Internet and the perfect proof  for that is “ Online  Advertising”.

    With those risks and without privacy what should we do?

  In my case, beings obsessed  about that is not enough to prevent those risks.I guess we should start first  checking privacy part  before getting an  account becuse  people usually accept everything to go on faster without looking privacy policy of social network`s and some similar part like this one. After that, it is your own choice and way to keep using them because it s  a huge online platform with lot of connections of people .It is almost impossible to prevent all dangers from them.

   We should think the advantages and disadvantages together to catch the balance between them, pay more attention and of course think before your every move online to not regret later because it s so obvious that even if you delete what you did or shared, they are not really deleted on the Internet.

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3 Responses to “Privacy on Social Networks”

  1. Dian Stefanov May 3, 2011 at 7:04 am #


    I also think that the privacy on the internet, and especially in social networks like Facebook for example has become a very big issue nowadays. People upload all kinds of personal information, without even thinking about the consequences that may follow. I can tell from my personal experience that trying to get out from Facebook can be very hard, because everybody is against you. When I was in the process of deleting my Facebook profile all my friends turned against me, because they thought that I am doing that because I do not want to be a friend with them anymore, which of course is not true. I thought that deleting my profile would take me just few seconds, but no, it took me two days of explanations to my friends why am I doing that. Just ridiculous! And in the end when I pressed the delete button, I received a message saying that my profile is actually not deleted, and that I can log in anytime. It is just one magical circle. The way in is easy but the way out is IMPOSSIBLE!
    What I wanted to say is that I totally agree with you that we have to be very careful when exposing our personal information, because once we have done so there would be probably no way out.

    Well done!

  2. arinanira May 4, 2011 at 11:13 am #

    Hey Tugce, nice post!

    Thanks for reminding us of being careful about the stuff we share on the net. I guess I have kind of ‘too many’ friends (judging from the number, though I don’t accept strangers, and regulaely ‘delete’), too. But like Dian said, some people are really upset about not being frieds on facebook – and it is easier to just accept, let them be and ignore them secretly, than to face them with reasons for not accepting them – it might hurt their feelings and stuff…

    That’s why we have to be careful about the stuff we share. First of all to keep safe from the ‘dangers’, and second not to annoy the harmless contacts with stupid status updates.

  3. moonjungkoo May 4, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    Hi Tuucce, many thanks for this wake-up call. I am a bit scared now by the last sentence!

    “[E]ven if you delete what you did or shared, they are not really deleted on the Internet.”

    Really? I have been deleting things on facebook which I didn’t want to share anymore. But, if they are still existing on facebook, thought I got rid of them. It sounds horrible.

    But, also I found that there are some other ways to improve the security greatly and I would like to provide you with a link.

    Good job,

    Moon xx

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