2 May

Yesterday… or was it the day before yesterday? Anyway: While I was half-asleep on my daily pilgrimage to school, the newsflash on the BerlinerFenster caught my attention:

Apple’s white iPhone4 was finally appearing on the German market!

Wow. Just wow.

I couldn’t help but giggle thinking of a certain friend of mine, who’d definitely run off to get the very same phone, he already possessed, in a new super stylish color. And I knew that there certainly are lots of other people, who will do exactly the same thing, provided that they’ve not already done so…

Whatever one might think about Apple itself, one sure could not help but (at least secretly) admire Steve Jobs and his marketing department: There seems to be demand for everything with an apple on – be it a pc, player or phone. Apple Inc. has become so amazingly big, so unbelievably influential and gathered soooo many followers – that scholars started to think of Apple as some modern day religion, with charismatic Steve taking the profit prophet part.

The comparison of the company and Christianity is indeed quite hilarious:

1.         Jesus was born in a manger; Apple was created in a          modern version of that – a garage.

2.         Jesus died on the crucifix and rose from the dead three days after that; Jobs got kicked out of Apple, but returned to save the company.

3.         The antagonists: Both Christianity and Apple have enemies. What the Devil is to Christianity, Microsoft or Google are to Apple.

Given these and thinking about the deliberate, rhetoric use of the brand’s symbol in the past, especially by Jean-Louis Gassee (the former President of Apple Products) in 1987, who explained that: In the Old Testament there was the first apple, the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, which with one taste sent Adam, Eve, and all mankind into the great current of History. The second Apple was Isaac Newton’s, the symbol of our entry into the age of modern science. The Apple Computer symbol was not chosen purely at random, it represents the third Apple, the one that widens the paths of knowledge leading toward the future. “, the company’s story of success appears to be some sophisticated marketing strategy.

Religion never fails.

Just a little research on that one revealed, that a guy named Martin Lindstrom published a book titled “Buyology – Truth and Lies about Why We Buy”. (At this point you might want to check out his site. Or don’t, I’m cool either way.) One of the most interesting thesises presented in there is about the correlation of branding and religion. He claims that there are similarities in the way the human brain responds to religious symbols and profane brands. Furthermore he identifies 10 common pillars all major religions share and claimes that all successful branding is kind of based on these: Sense of Belonging, Clear Vision, Power from Enemies, Sensory Appeal, Storytelling, Grandeur, Evangelism, Symbols, Mystery and Rituals.

As far as I can tell, Apple seems to be pretty good with branding. But how long will they be able to keep it up, regarding the rise of major competitors? Will Apple be able to keep its market share, or will it go down? After all, the religious approach on marketing is a pretty good idea…

Well all we can do for now is wait and watch. BTW “watch”… watch this!


3 Responses to “iHype!”

  1. Sophie May 3, 2011 at 9:20 am #

    Hi Arina,

    I really enjoyed your blog post about prestigious ‘Apple’ products, especially since you compared it with a religion, which I have to admit might be a little bit blasphemous but taking into consideration that people were waiting hours to get the new iPad, it might be justified.

    I loved the little Futurama Clip you showed us (not just because it is one of my favourite comic shows, but also because it is so VERY true!) and the pictures you added did a lot to illustrate your point and of course the story you told us through this blog.

    I also liked that you showed us another article which was connected to your own!

    Maybe, for the next entry, you should tell us what you yourself think about Apple’s marketing strategy and maybe also give some more details on it.

    A very satisfied reader,


  2. barthalos May 3, 2011 at 11:36 am #

    Hey Arina,
    You succeeded in producing an awesome post, again, even though it might not have been an action of free will;) My respect for that. Your certain sort of humour really makes it a pleasure to read. Although I find the Apple- christianity comparison a little far- fetched, imagining Steve Jobs as Jesus the saviour really made me laugh (the “prophet” play of words was hilarious, too). I always wondered why Apple chose the fruit as their brand symbol, so thanks a lot for letting me know. That Lindstrom´s webpage was stunningly fascinating as well and actually made me spend more time on it than the usual “click-> ahh, additional, not really necessary information-> keep on reading the text” habit.
    I see you tried to deliver this post in a more formal way than for example the “Wedged in WWW” post, which I think is fine and and a little more suitable but make sure not to overdo it, because I think that´s what makes your posts as good as they are. Keep it real, girl!;)
    Speaking of Apple and comics, check out this one:

    Bart´s a legend!

  3. NerdyLaura May 4, 2011 at 10:46 am #

    Hey Arina,
    I really enjoyed reading you blog.
    The comparison of Steve Jobs with Jesus is so hilarious but I think for some people he really is a kind of “new” Jesus of the 21st century.
    To contniue with the apple-comic-thing, I know a pretty good one that deals with a possible future-scenario. 😉 It’s in Spanish but you should understand it anyway:

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