Baron Karl-Theodor zu Münchhausen?

2 May

Last week, I had a chit chat with a good friend of mine, talking about the new power of the web and in particular of facebook.
Of course, we all know that facebook is now also used as a tool in marketing strategies or as a barometer of public opinion (e.g. Lady Gaga 33.243.578 likes, Friedrich Schiller 2.582 likes).
When Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (former minister of defense in Germany)  took the center stage in the dodgy discussion about his thesis, Germany clearly seperated on this topic. “Pro”- and “Contra” zu Guttenberg arguments were discussed at the casual regulars’ table, at the hairdressers and schools. Not to forget our favourite social network service facebook. Up to now,not a particulary interesting story.
Now,zu Guttenberg of course also had Pro-Guttenberg and Contra-Guttenberg facebook sites, while the Pro-Guttenberg site turned out to have an enourmous amount of likes after the first few days.
How amazing is that?And how very suspicious…

Unfortunately,that is what many people thought and they started to dig deeper and tried to analyse the activities on his Pro site.
The derivativestrader Kristjan Schmidt observed the development of the site and discovered that there were constantly 150-180 likes a minute during the daytime.How can likes be that constant?
Additionaly, Mr Schmidt looked at the profiles liking zu Guttenbergs site. Every second “liker” was a fake profile account, with a short/fake email-adress,no friends, no picture and so on and so on…
From popular Baron zu Guttenberg to bogus Baron von/zu Münchhausen?

I have searched the web for further information on this topic and also found out, that the founder of Guttenbergs facebook site, Mr Hecht, is well known in the Bild-community as the “erotic-billionaire”.

Swindles and being promoted by a suspicious supporter, this guy definitly needed no more revelations…

Sascha Lobo has also published some cases they had analysed,so for further information visit:


3 Responses to “Baron Karl-Theodor zu Münchhausen?”

  1. Dian Stefanov May 3, 2011 at 7:29 am #


    I think that your post is very provocative. In my opinion that is mainly caused by the title, because when I read it I really wanted to continue forward because I just could not guess what it would be about. Despite the strange title, the article arises one big issue about the authenticity of information exposed on the internet. With the growth of social networks such as Facebook two things happen. One is that people are beginning to trust to what is exposed there, but at the same time try to find how to benefit from the information , because they think that if there are so many people online, nobody would catch a sight of what they are doing. Just as you illustrate in your article.
    Another thing that I wanted to say is that I really like the way you included certain names, but not just somebody or these people say.

    Really enjoyed reading it!

  2. Stephanie Krogmann May 6, 2011 at 1:13 pm #

    Reading your post made me def. wanting to do some research on this topic on my own. The case Guttenberg is a really unique phenomenon, as there seem to be a lot of people that still really like him and wanting him to be a future chancellor. I like that you question this hype and try to point out what might be behind it. Don´t just believe facebook or any other page, look behind it yourself !
    Maybe you also find really interesting :
    It does not excactly fit to the facebook fake, but it shows that there is the other side: people trying to point out that is is wrong what he did…we should all decide ourselves and not follow a facebook like only because thousands of people already did….thank you for the thought-provoking impulse!

  3. wandaluckhardt May 9, 2011 at 7:48 am #

    Hey Kristina,
    you chose a great topic. I think all of us have more or less watched and followed the discussion about Guttenberg. You can think of him what you want but I remember how impressed I was when I heard how much support he had on Facebook. What you brought up is very interesting and intensifies the concerns about the correctness on information that is being provided on the internet. In my opinion it is also questionable why this discovery did not make the news. Anyways, I liked your style a lot. Your choice of the title was great; it caught the attention of the reader immediately and was very provocative. Well done!

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