How to stay safe on Facebook?

3 May

1. The first and, probably, the most important step you can do is check your privacy settings. Set the security setting s to «Only my friends». It will give you control who accesses your information and views your profile. For curtain pictures you can even select some friends so only they were allowed to see them.

2. Be attentive to people you add as a friend. If possible, avoid accepting friend request from people you know from work even if your boss is a good friend of yours.  Giving them a full access to your private life can have a negative influence on your job.  Another thing you can do here is create a friend’s list.  Facebook gives you an opportunity to categorize your friends into groups and select who can see what. It can protect some of information that you don’t want to be seen by everybody.

3. Restrict a search visibility. Click Privacy > Search to set your visibility when someone searches Facebook for people. This is an important way to safeguard your Facebook privacy.  You can also select what will be visible in the search results.

4. Set Facebook Wall privacy. If you do not want your statuses, posts and etc were visionable, do not forget about it. Go to your profile page, click Options > Settings under the status box.

5. Before clicking on a link from Facebook, always remember to check the address bar, which should always display “” and nothing else like “” or “www.facebook1.php”, etc. which is a way to a fake site. It can steal your e-mail and password.

It is not a comprehensive guide to Facebook security. However, these 5 steps could be a good start in creating a safe, more secure environment on Facebook.

If you are interested in other things you could do,  check these web-sites for more information:


5 Responses to “How to stay safe on Facebook?”

  1. lisaneubert May 3, 2011 at 3:31 pm #

    Very well done, Sasha!
    You described your advice how safety works on fb shortly, but even better. I like your points which everybody can look back again. And without searching for three hours where the seeking paragraph was.
    I can also recommend to all, that everybody has to be careful using social networking sites. I also found out that it is possible to check out people as detailly as possible – it is really unbelievable for me. But nevertheless, I am still using them, because they are a great invention to connect our world.
    And you remind us not to be so careless!

  2. Fannysia May 4, 2011 at 10:39 am #

    Hello! thank you for the post on telling us how to stay safe on facebook because we use it so often, we probably dont pay attention to protecting ourselves in the meanwhile! I like how you actually break it down into 5 easy steps so we can easily follow and pick out the steps easily! oh just another privacy setting you can set to protect yourself from facebook when you are using wifi to use your facebook, do it in a secured browser! just type instead of just! just my two cents worth! 🙂 good post! i look forward to more!

  3. sarilin May 4, 2011 at 10:47 am #

    Hi Sasha,
    Nice post! I appreciate your helpful advice concerning facebook safety. I had some negative “Phishing” experience in the past.
    Yesterday I saw a TV reportage how thieves use Facebook to find potential victimes. It works like this if people do not have the right privacy settings and the post things like ” Off for Vacation in Spain” or “a weekend in Paris”. Thieves can find out your adress pretty easily, some people even post contact adresses on Facebook. So it is not hard for them to find out detailed information about you neighborhood and so on.
    In the US insurances even want to increase the social contribution of Social Network users.

    Looking forward to reading more.
    Best, Sarah

  4. itgalina May 6, 2011 at 11:38 am #

    Dear Sasha!
    That is a really useful post, that helps all of us, as i guess we are all using facebook. As you said it is very important to stay as private as possible on facebook, even though it is very hard. I like the way you explain things very clearly and the fotos support your work.
    Immediately I checked all my settings and now I feel a little bit more safe on facebook, Thank you!

  5. lenahaase May 6, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    your topic is very well chosen because almost everyone has a facebook account and is glad to receive some information about safety. Recently, I heard from a lot of people that they got a computer virus over facebook or when they clicked on defected links on facebook, the program started itself to send emails to friends from their account. I will advise them to read your blog in order to prevent these problems! Thanks for your research! Great job!

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