Be smart do Bio Business?

8 May

In order to be successful in what you do and continuously impress others with something that is unique, is really difficult task to accomplish. That is actually what every manager is, or at least should be, aiming at. But this constant advancement is in need of unceasing inspiration. Maybe now is the time to ask the question: Where will this constant inspiration come from?

For some people inspiration comes when looking at what others have done, and just learning from their experience. But if we only look at what others have achieved it would be a lot more difficult to be matchless. That is why we should find and implement our own perspective of how the business is done.

Most of us are aware of the fact that in order to deal with the environmental crises, brought about by our irresponsible acts, there needs to be an enormous shift in the way we do business. In order this shift to happen entirely new technological breakthroughs must be found. This means that people should no longer focus on the existing ideas, by trying to build on them, but instead build on ideas that would result in a carbon free economy. This sound like a quite challenging perspective, but is it?

While I was browsing through the internet, looking at some posts related to the term of “Bio Business”, I came across a very interesting one elucidating the study of “Biomimetics”. For the ones who have not heard this term before, Biomimetics is a study of nature, its models, creations, and processes where people can take inspiration from to solve their problems. Just think about it. Why should we build on existing concepts invented by humans and tested for only twenty or fifty years, when we can just borrow working natural creations that have been tested for millions of years? And the biggest proof of the fact that this natural creations work is the fact that our planet still exists. Who can challenge this statement?

There are not so many examples nowadays that illustrate the use of Biomimetics in technology. Maybe one of the most popular application of Biomimetics in technology are the winglets on the tip of airplane wings that mimic birds’ wings to significantly improve fuel consumption during flight.

  Another, in my opinion very interesting example of such an application, is the Eastgate Central Building in Haare, Zimbabwe, that has been constructed by mimicking the structure of a termite nest, which uses a chimney effect to provide very efficient natural cooling.

 After I read the example with the termite nest I asked a friend of mine, a Bulgarian architect, to tell me whether such technologies are frequently used when a building is designed. When he understood that I am interested in this topic, he started sending me links to websites with plenty of examples regarding the use of Biomimetics in architecture. He is not just interested in this field, he is obsessed about it. He explained to me that using pure natural creations, when designing a building is very important nowadays. For example in one of his last projects he got inspiration from the structure of a bee hive in order to design the supporting structure of now one of the most futuristic buildings in the capital of Bulgaria. Actually I found out that there is a term “Biomimetic Architecture”. I tracked down a very interesting concept drawing of a “skyscraper city” designed by the French architects Guihun Choe and Etienne Jaunet.


 Find your own inspiration from the nature and take the lead in innovation!


2 Responses to “Be smart do Bio Business?”

  1. Nadja K. May 8, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    Very enlightening post about something that is relating to all of us: The matter of business innovation vs. environmental awareness.

    The personal view you give about research and exploring the topic made it very appealing to read. Maybe you include some headlines so readers know exactly how you intended to structure your text – then, they are able to easily scan through the discussion of your article. Other than that, great inspiration and incentive to research more about the topic – and I remembered an article I once read: Biomimetic is not only a matter of the future; actually, Antoni Gaudí has once created architectural instructions for biomimetic buildings such as the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. I just found a link showing a few pictures of the inside of the building: .Can’t wait to hear more about this!


  2. natiliab May 18, 2011 at 8:30 am #

    Hi Dion,
    your post is very interesting. I think you chose a very unique topic that leads to more exploration. I have heard about scientists that use natural forms to build innovations but under another, very similar term: Bionics which clearly describes the same thing.
    The company Otto Bock uses bionics in order to develop prosthetics and orthotics. The company is very active and research for new innovations. If you are interested to find out more about the company and their developments:

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