8 May

     I have been interested in logistics for a few weeks.First, when i started to search topics and  interesting stuffs about information technology, i realized that i didnt know even how impartant IT is for every part of business life, because i was interested in just networking, blogging and some other things like most of the other poeple are. In my case,logistics was also basic and simple part of business which provides flow of goods and services between customer and producer, but now i can see the most complicated part of logistics and how IT helps it to provide better quality of works and much more quantity in shorter time. I would like to share what i have figured out about basic means and works of logistics and  relation between IT and logistics.

  Recently, competition between firms has been grown and become more important in business life. As a result of that, there has been a few changes of systems for firms.

   Logistics has taken a big part of these changes, because manufacturers have to focus production to provide better quality, make more profit and fulfil consumer needs more. Therefore, some other firms have to take care of transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handing and packing. Those firms are of course logistics firms because its based on flow of goods and services between producer and customer.

  What is the importance of information technology for logistics?

   That is the main point we should focus on because common feature of successful firms is using the information technology (IT) efficiently.

   First of all ,there are a few type of logistics which are used for military, production, business and so on.

   Lets take the business logistics to focus on and show the important role of IT for it.

   Logistics firms have to care about growing market, international integration, variable customer demands and competition. They need to use IT to manage success even though these issues.

     IT for logistics should enable to users;

  1.  Optimize transportation logistics plans across multi- period daily schedules
  2.  Determine the best routes through scheduling optimization and analysis
  3.  Utilize web-hosted planning and organization to improve shipment planning, execution and settlement

  ( from ; http://www.business.com/guides/transportation-logistics-information-technology-5461/)

   On the other hand, they need  to use IT  to control their internal and external works, reduce the costs and mistakes, increase efficiency and effectiveness. If we divide these factors as internal and external, there would be two basic stuff to summarize the needs of IT ;

1)      Expectations of customer

2)      Expectations of internal agencies

  After emphasizing the importance of IT for logistics, we should represent the Logistics Information Systems (LIS) which is absolutely based on what we said about the relation logistics and IT before.

  Logistics information systems have been very important part of logistics activities for 25 years.

   LIS, take a part of decision making at all levels in the organization, provide database and mostly internal control.

    As you can see in the charts and slide shows , it is not possible to think logistics and information technology separately to achieve the goals of the firms and compete with others. Therefore, it is so important to pay enough attention to information techonolgy and accept that it influences almost every part of businees (marketing, HR, logistics, management and so on) .

  See also ;http://www.slideshare.net/Bobtb/how-humanitarian-logistics-information-systems-can-improve

and http://www.metacafe.com/watch/4755817/a_logistics_companys_high_road_to_success/


One Response to “Logistics”

  1. Dian Stefanov May 10, 2011 at 8:23 am #

    Hi Tuucce,

    Congratulations about the choice of a topic. Logistics is a topic which is of a great importance nowadays, and although some people do not realize it, the malfunctions in this sector can affect almost every person on the planet. I like the fact that you emphasize on the importance of IT in Logistics, because IT plays a central role in this sophisticated sector. In fact, without IT, this sector of the industry would not even exist today.
    What I also really liked, was the appropriate use of the well chosen illustrations. The text, some times, can be a bit unclear, but with the use of images and graphs, as in your case, the text becomes easier to read and more understandable in a way.

    Good Work!

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