4D is coming

10 May

Last week I was in the cinema where my friend and I watched “Thor”. Before the movie, we had an opportunity to see advertisements of upcoming movies. Mostly all of them you could watch in 3D. That moment I realized that just some years ago 3D was a new thing and people were ready to pay a lot for a chance to wear 3D glasses. However, what do we have now? 3D is almost everywhere. There are 3D cinemas, 3D web-camera and 3D TV at home. Where could we go from here? What is coming next?

When I started to think about these questions, the first answer that came into my mind was: 4D. I got so much curious about it that immediately after coming back from the cinema I tipped 4D in Google and found many interesting links.

First of all we should understand what 4D is. According to one group of observes, 4D is “an abstract concept derived by generalizing the rules of three-dimensional space“. To go even further, “the fourth dimension in this space was sometimes interpreted as time, but this is no longer done in modern physics. In the last century spacetime was developed, which unifies space and time but with a different metric so the time dimension is treated differently from the three spatial dimensions”. Another group of observes agrees with this definition saying “4D refers to a coordinate system made of 4 axes, all at right angles from each other. In common use 4D generally refers to coordinates in 3D Space/Time. 3 of these coordinates are in space. The fourth is the position in time, where time is considered mathematically as a fourth axis that is at right angles to all other axes. 3D space/time geometry is at the heart Einstein’s equations of physics.”

Also I found out that there exists already a 4D cinema in Qatar, Slovenia, England and etc.  A 4D film combines a 3D film with physical effects in the cinema, which occur in synchronization with the film. Standard effects of the experience will include front air blasts, front water spray, neck tickler, leg tickler and seat vibrators. For example, as a jellyfish swims by in 3D, the audience will also feel its tingling tentacles brush along their arms.

Seems that this is how a future of 3D looks like. However, it is only one of dimensions. There are many more things that are coming next about which we are going to discuss the next time.

Read more: http://www.ameinfo.com/232580.html


One Response to “4D is coming”

  1. Eldiar Nyshanov(299332) May 16, 2011 at 10:44 pm #

    Hi Sasha,
    It is very actual topic nowadays; I really like to go to Cinemaxx, having a fun by watching movies in 3D with my friends. After seeing your topic I am very eager to watch in 4D, it so amazing, you can feel the film with physical effects in the cinema, which include front air blasts, front water spray, neck tickler, leg tickler and seat vibrators. Wooow, it is my dream, last year I have been in Babelsberg Film Park, there was this kind of 3D Movie Hall, but it is not so amazing as I watched in your post. From today I will wait for your fresh news and deep searching about sooner coming sensation, and write me please when it is coming to Germany, I will be the first person who steps the front door of this 4D Cinema.
    Well done Sasha, I really liked your Post ‘ForD’, keep going.

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