Greetings from Superman?

16 May

Everyone of us has met Superman in their past, either on TV, in comics or maybe in the cinema. Escaping into a world far from reality, happy-ends and invincible people.

What would you say, if I told you Superman is alive? You would and should not believe me, but there is something coming up which sounds like a miracle.
The Univercity of Technology in Sydney has made a life-changing revelation for the industry and technological sector which is going to change our everyday life.

Graphene, thats how this new magic material is called and which you can find in your everyday pen, is supposed to be ten times stronger, lighter, harder than steel but still flexible like a rubber, according to Ali Reza Ranjbartoreh,lead researcher on the team.

While being this strong and invincible, it will also reduce costs and support the evironment concerning sustainibility and ecological thinking.

As Ranjbartoreh says, this material will mainly improve the aviation and automotive industry.

Additionaly, the one-atom thick (-or thin) material has another important advantage, it has impressive thermal conductivity. Even very small electronic devices generate a lot of heat, that oftenly causes damage.

Sounds too perfect?

According to Melissa Mahony, the major problem is to produce a large amoung of graphene in a certain quality. Probably this problem will be solved soon as physicists and engineers are working on it.
But if this is the only drawback, graphene could be THE material of the future…


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