Futuristic Vactrain

17 May

After having read the topic of Dian ‘Biomimicry – the Future of Our Planet’, I had a great interest to the “Shinkansen Bullet Train”, as Dian mentioned the fastest train in the world, so I started to dig out all the information about it. First of all I would like you to ask one question: Is it possible to cross 7 seas in one day? ….Yes, it is, but how?

So, I found the answer in details while looking for the topic about the Vactrain. A vactrain (or vacuum tube train) is a proposed, as-yet-inbuilt design for future high-speed railroad transportation. This would entail building maglev lines through evacuated (air-less) or partly evacuated tubes or tunnels. Though the technology is currently being investigated for development of regional networks, advocates have suggested establishing vactrains for transcontinental routes to form a global network. The lack of air resistance could permit vactrains to use little power and to move at extremely high speeds, up to 4000–5000 mph (6400–8000 km/h), or 5–6 times the speed of sound at sea level and standard conditions.


Theoretically, vactrain tunnels could be built deep enough to pass under oceans, thus permitting very rapid intercontinental travel. Vactrains could also use gravity to assist their acceleration. If such trains went as fast as predicted, the trip between London and New York would take less than an hour, effectively supplanting aircraft as the world’s fastest mode of public transportation. The idea of a vactrain system that crosses the United States is exciting. But the global picture is even more interesting. With a vactrain system circling the planet, it is easy to imagine travel from the U.S. to China taking only 2 hours. New York to London might take only an hour or so. The system could carry both passengers and cargo, so shipping times and costs could be drastically reduced.


Travel through evacuated tubes allows supersonic speed without the penalty of sonic boom found with supersonic aircraft. As the speed of sound is increased by reduction in air pressure, even a partial vacuum would increase the speed of sound such that trains could operate faster than Mach 1 (at sea level) without noise. Also supersonic travel requires a large increase in propulsive power as one enters the near-sonic region. Again with reduced air pressure the speed of the onset of this effect will also increase, allowing faster speeds with lower energy requirements.

However, without major advances in tunneling and other technology, Vactrains would be prohibitively expensive. Alternatives such as elevated concrete tubes with partial vacuums have been proposed to reduce costs.

Evacuated Tubes to Interconnect the Planet

Evacuated Tube Transportation is a proposed system of travel which could theoretically interconnect the planet by means of building large vacuum tubes in which high speed mag-lev trains would zip through at lightning pace. The Japanese are already experimenting with such technology. And in China, high speed mag-lev trains interlock the country-side with more developed areas. But don’t expect to see such technology applied here in the United States. Such a project would invariably put millions to work- and that’s the last thing those who are attempting to cripple the United States from within would really want.


My interest in evacuated tube transport first came about when watching this link:

The video postulates that the proper application of evacuated tube technology would allow for transportation speeds in excess of four thousand miles per hour. The implications of such high speed travel are mind boggling considering that one could virtually leave Los Angeles and arrive in New York in but one hour’s time!

Evacuated Tube Transport is 100% “green”- there are no pollutants pumped into the atmosphere. It is a lot more practical and perhaps even safer than airplane travel which is becoming fast outmoded. Evacuated tubes could be placed beneath the ocean and allow for fast and easy international travel. Truly all the world could come together like never before.

Would you like to travel in the future with Vactrain?


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