Grab It By The Testicle!

17 May

Initially, I planned to keep on writing about my last post’s topic, the green web, green ISP’s  or alike. Quickly after I started my research, I found out this will still be “green” but in a different sense as I expected spnce I stumbled upon something really fascinating. Someone, actually, but let me start off with something else.

As the date of my homecoming approaches, I remembered the essential questions every pupil and even most high school graduates (including me and some fellow students) are still facing: What to do in life and how to afford all that.

The person being this post’s topic can be considered a good inspiration for all those you can´t imagine having a “classic” job. Hank Green is a professional vlogger (video blogger) and spends his day doing a variety of different things that have one thing in common: they happen on the web.

After creating some smaller webpages (you can check out his whole career if you like), he brought the site into being that made me find him while searching for eco-friendly web usage: is “a place where he [Hank] wouldn’t need to discuss the problems of the world anymore, and instead simply focus on the solutions.”  It began as his project in graduate school and today is the largest blog on environmental technology.

Furthermore, he became a web celeb and was noted for a project with his brother  John called Brotherhood 2.0. The two decided to only communicate through videos they posted on the web for an entire year and these videos are just REALLY good. The Greens so to speak pioneered the idea of collaborative Youtube Channels where people can subscribe and interact (similar to what Nadja describes in her current post).

Hank’s doing tons of different things which all to mention and describe would go beyond the scope of this post, so I just list some of them and you check them out whenever  you are in the mood for experiencing really fascinating stuff.;)

–          Nerdfighters

–          DFTBA (Don’t forget to be awesome)!

–          VidCon

–          Truth or Fail

–          Hank plays games

So why is this guy an issue to talk about? I know Hank’s not the only person in the world with that kind of career, but I think he can be seen as a role model to those having trouble to find out what to do in life . He has got what is expected of an individual in the modern business world in order to be successful.  He’s smart, creative, innovative, captivating, encouraging and knows exactly how to use the web for his purposes.  The Ecogeek website is a great thing and I’m sure it makes him feel like his work has a certain value which extends the level of simply amusing others with videos to his brother. Moreover, the ads on the websites will enable him to have quite an acceptable living standard, I suppose.

In conclusion, I’ll show you a fabulous video I found on Hank’s and John’s page that in particular addresses  the pupils and students I referred to in the beginning, giving some advice on how to succeed in life.

Thanks for reading this. DFTBA!


One Response to “Grab It By The Testicle!”

  1. Julia J. May 24, 2011 at 8:48 pm #

    Dear Phil

    I stumbled accross your blog post because I found the heading and the picture very catchy. In my opinion the heading is the most important part for an articles because it is supposed to attract your overall interest and to give the reader the feeling that he wants wants to dig deeper into the topic.
    You start your topic with a personal story which establishes a good connection between you as author and me as the reader.

    Through your blogpost I learned more about video blogging (vlogging). The video gave me a good impression of the person you are talking about. I agree that Hank is very creative, individual, innovative and encouraging. I also think that this is what businesses look for nowadays. But I think not everyone is made for that. And when I see the video, it looks to cool and simple, but when I consider the time that it took him to cut the video and to add all the features than I start to get goose skin ^^ I know from my own experience how long it takes to create good videos and you definitely can not just to it along the way. If you want to become a vlogger then it is really a profession 🙂

    Thank you for your post. It is very informative!!

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