What About the Disadvantages?

17 May

By taking this course, we all realized the important of information technology on our social and business life and we have regularly explained the impacts and roles of  IT for people in our blog posts and most of us (includes me )  focused the advantages of it .

In my previous blog posts, I mentioned the privacy of social networks as an disadvantages of IT but didn’t explained all negative effects clearly, because as you can guess it is really a large subject to write about and now i would like to emphasize it more with some book reports, articles and scientific facts to make everybody aware what we trade to get all these benefits from information technology.

To get know all impacts of IT, first we should see the both negative and positive side of it, then  figure out the balance between them to choose the appropriate way to keep using it with less damage.

As you can see the slide show which is called “ How IT Affects our Life”( http://www.slideshare.net/curiousEngine/how-information-technology-affects-our-life) , positive and negative impacts include so much stuff to know :

1)    Positive Impacts

  •  -Job Propects
  • -Flexible Hours
  • -Virtual Office
  • -Enhancing Relationship
  • -E-commerce
  • -Information
  • -Self Expression
  • -IT Services

 2) Negative Impacts

  • -Overdependence on IT
  • -Cyber Crime
  • -Hacking
  • -Child Pornography
  • -Using E-mail for treats and harassment
  • -Theft of Trade Secrets
  • -Health Problems

 I don’t want to indicate the positive side of it ,because we all probably know those impacts , at least we can imagine them by using it almost every day in our social life, maybe a few  of us in business life.

 What about the other side?

Are we really aware about those negative impacts?

Lets take first the “overdependence on IT” and see the effects of it on communication and heath.

We use social networks to connect with other people, share imagines videos, comments, thoughts and to get new friends. We use free encyclopedias like Wikipedia to get more information and edit. We use computers from  online recruitments to match people to jobs. We use it to support even small business ,online marketing , logistics and so on. Long story short, we spend so much time in front of computers to make our daily life easier. Those bring the basic problem of overdependence on information technology. It brings some serious problems like making people asocial, because they spend less time to communicate with other people face to face.

It influences children more. Therefore, parents care about the large amount of time which their children spend by using internet, playing video games and so on.

In my case , this is the most important impact of IT, because children grow with those social issues by spending more time on computers and it obviously bring more significant problem  in their future. For this part, there are lots of works for parents to do to reduce possible damages on their children.

Of course , it doesn’t affect just children`s life. There are also serious impact on adult`s daily life as well, because they have to spend more time with IT to get success in their business life or use social networks more than purposed time to communicate with their friends.

What about teleworkers?

 It would worth to mention about teleworkers, because they spend so much time with IT at home.Therefore it influence their family relation, health and communication.

Penny Gurstein explained how is the social impact of information technology on daily life in his book which  is called  “ Wired to the World, Chained to the Home”.(http://pi.library.yorku.ca/ojs/index.php/topia/article/viewFile/2687/1892) There is big growth of teleworkers in business life . It provides people to work at home by IT and it could be big opportunity for the people like young mothers to work  while raising their children at home. It seems like a big advantage but actually the growth of number of teleworkers is kinda danger to their social life. Spending all their work time and most of free time at home doesn’t sound  so healty.

(The similar debates go around for children as well, because of the home education. Some parents  think that educating children at home safety and healthier  than school. )

It could cause some problem in family life because after a while you realize that you don’t spend so much time with other members of your family as before.

 I am not just talking about computers. Almost all electronic devices could effect you badly with the way you use them. I think, even cell phones can bring some communication problems. For example ; most of my friends prefer to send message in stead of calling. It actually takes more time and could cause some misunderstandings. It damages communication with each other.

 There are not just some scientific negative results as I sorted above or some communication problems. There are  some health problems like  RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), back pain  or obesity when you spend so much time with IT.

There is a serious effect of radiation from those electronic devices as well.

After indicating the negative impacts of IT, what should we do?

 First of all, we can represent some possible solutions to reduce those problems;

  1.     Users should take  regular breaks after using computers for a good amount of time. They should have  proper sitting position on furniture  with Ergonomic design.
  2.     Setting up anti-cybercrime unit at National Level and prevent computer-related crimes.
  3.     Firms need to  invest  in Security Infrastucture.

  To be honest i don’t think that those are enough to reduce all the negative impacts, because  it depends on people. Even though you pay attention on those solutions , you should also figure out that why you use IT. It is not possible to ignore all the advantages of it but the important thing is being aware of those problems and spend time with IT  how much you need. Not more, not less.

2 Responses to “What About the Disadvantages?”

  1. arinanira May 18, 2011 at 8:34 am #

    Hey Tugce!

    Thank you for this very nice and obviously well researched post! It is well structured and therefore easy to follow. I really liked that you showed numerous true and even some personal examples to emphasize your point. Especially interesting was reading about teleworkers, since that is a group of people that I have not have thought about before, while thinking about the disadvantages of IT myself.

    Well done!

  2. itwanda July 13, 2011 at 10:57 pm #

    your post is really informative and you provided the reader with a lot of examples, which is really good. I think it is true that most of the time we really hype all the advantages that are brought by technological development and new inventions but at a lot of times we do not look at the downsides, the negative impacts of it. Thus I think it is good that you chose to enlighten those aspects in your post. You have a good writing style but I think it would have been even easier to follow if you had visually stressed some words that are the most important to remember because you managed to really write a lot about that topic. You could use bold charaters for that. Anyways, you structured your text very well.

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