Facebook 90210

20 May

Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl – most of you know these kinds of soap operas. A few good looking people, circulating gossip and of course big time drama. I have to confess, I am an addict. But it always seemed unrealistic. Having a short holiday in my beloved hometown Gelsenkirchen made me realize how wrong I was…

I would like to welcome you to Facebook 9020010, the biggest drama, relationship and emotional platform ever. I would like to tell you a story that might appear familiar to some or all of you…
I would like to introduce to you my friend Rafaela (editor’s note: fictive name due to privacy reasons). Some weeks ago on the phone she told me about this guy she met at a bar. He was hitting hard on her, they were chatting, had a great conversation. Instead of swapping telephone numbers, they added eachother on facebook (a little thank you to smartphones). Next day, morning glory. The memory fogged. Log-In on facebook, memory suddenly cleared. She send me his profile, she started the usual stalking process.
5 mutual friends, aha aha, 4 out of 5 girls.A ladies man?Maybe. Pictures all pretty nice, though he seems a little full of himself. Many party pictures. Pinboard. Nice music videos, though again many posts from girls. ‘Bling’ chat poppes up, he writes. Long story short, dates followed, the two of them started a relationship…

2 months of love,peace and happiness followed, then she changed her realtion-ship status.He did not. She got angry, I asked her wether it was worth the fight. Fights because of facebook followed, “Where do you know HER from?” “Is the song on his pinnwall meant for me?” “Why is he not changing his relationship status?”.  Every girl that wrote on his pinnwall was stalked and a telephone/facebook chat tree started in order to get information on each and every girl. Gossip circulated, nothing was really verified, but Rafaela still believed in them. Finally, her boyfried broke up with her. He said he felt a little bit like in “Stasi 3.0”.

This relationship started with facebook and ended because of it. But can one really blame it for the misery? This is only one of the few stories and drama that came up because of facebook, so I’m really often asking myself if without facebook I’d still watch Gossip Girl without it being so familiar. Maybe Rafaela should have read this 13-step list on how facebook can ruin ones relationship . Maybe she should simply work on her jealousy. Maybe all of out lives would be more boring without it. What do you think?
The only thing I know, is that we should not take our “second lives” in facebook to seriously and overrate other profiles.

Ps: Sorry for posting my blogpost so late, but I messed something up with my account and thought it was online all of the time though it was only saved as a draft…Opsie.


4 Responses to “Facebook 90210”

  1. Stephanie Krogmann May 31, 2011 at 2:22 pm #

    hey kristinajo,

    first of all: I like personal storytelling as you did. It it so easy to follow your ideas and at the same time it is really interesting because it is realistic and not only an idea or thesis that no one has tested yet. In my opinion posts like this are awesome, because I want to be able to identify myself with the story told.
    I think the video you posted tells this story in a good way, too 😉
    Also it shows how much our lives changed over the last few years. We think people are strange when they do not upload facebook statuses on a daily base and we do not understand how someone can survive only having 100 friends on facebook. We lose our privacy more and more: We know everything about a date without even having met before.

    Also you should chack this one. Times changed I guess 😉

  2. angiethiem June 5, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

    Nice… this blogpost really motivated me to actually write my own one and reminded me that it’s still possible to write something fresh and interesting! I like your writing style and the story frame of your text! Haha.. sometimes I wish I could have have an own facebook- analysis like that. Would be interesting with all the updates, statuses and so on ^^ Oleee Oleee. Good work!

  3. lisabu00 June 26, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

    I’m really sorry for Rafaela. Poor girl. Poor boy. But I think everybody has those experience (maybe in a smaller portion) once in a while. Too much stalking can drive you crazy.
    But you know what worse than those couples fighting because of facebook?
    Couples swearing the love through “I will love you forever” posts on their walls. I hate those. Can’t they keep their love, peace and harmony to their beds?
    Sometimes I’m angry, sometimes I just feel sorry for those you have to prove their love like this. Obviously they can’t do it in other forms.
    But in my opinion, somewhere should be the border between your public ‘you’ and your private one.
    Nice story though and really cute to read.
    Well done, dear!

  4. lisabu00 June 26, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    And… maybe your friends check out this:

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