The way you can be known well by millions

21 May

Everything changes around our world fastly and it is getting harder to follow those changes.

Like what?

 I have heard lots of stories about famous people ,especially artists,who tried hard to became that famous and make people aware what they do well.

 They worked hard,tried to use every chance which could be an opportunity to show their talent to the world.Long story short,they didn’t use to have a simple way to make people support their works.

 What about now?

 There are lots of words to explain how information technology , especially social networks,have become such a important platform to make people known by millions in a short time.

 Of course  like most of good things ,that could have some disadvantages to effect people`s mind negatively, but it doesn’t mean that we can ignore that kind of growth of social networks for people.

  Lets take an example to make it more specific.

 While I was checking blogs about the effects of social networks on people, I found an interesting one about Lily Allen which includes how she became famous by using MySpace.


To be honest, I am not a big fan of her but this blog absolutely summarizes how people can use social networks to find other people who like and support their works by sharing stuff.

First, she got an account on MySpace,posted demos and made people attracted to them . After a while she decided to work with famous producers because social networks have helped her to get known well by lots of people and at the beginning of 2009 she got 448.000 MySpace friends.(

 Now, most of you probably know her and listened at least one of her songs.

 It helps to figure out  the effectiveness of social networks on people.

 I took an example of an artist but the same thing happens in a different way.For example ;you have probably heard lots of movement of people against something and how they got supporter to their ideas via Facebook,Twitter, MySpace and so on.

  Therefore,we can say that social networks bring people together on their common ideas or interests.It could help  to defend your rights against an unfair situation or became more famous and get millions of supporter.

2 Responses to “The way you can be known well by millions”

  1. Bruce Spear May 23, 2011 at 7:21 pm #

    Boy do you write extensively and often quite well! It is a pleasure to read your posts! Our task is to write in a special way: as we have been discussing, we are learning how to survey current professional discussions. You are asking a very good general question, but your search wants to be more specific and from a professional/managerial point of view. I just typed “using the web to publicize artists” into Google Blog Search and found lots and lots of discussion by people talking about HOW artists (and others, you have to choose from the 16,000 results) are using the web. As this is a huge topic, you’ll want to narrow it, for instance, to how they are using, say, micro-blogging (twitter), and narrower still, maybe flash mobs. Find 6-12 potential candidates, make a brief not on each in your online notebook/database, chose three or four that explore one or two aspects in different ways, and report on what the professionals/observers are saying. Write like a manager reporting to other managers on strategy: on how the web might be used to manage an artist, present options. You write so well, and extensively, I am sure you will do a great job!!!

  2. changyong May 23, 2011 at 9:01 pm #

    Yes right since internet came into part of our life, it has been something we can’t live without.
    For the reason of course for the people who want to promote or advertise themselves or their business products, web ads became super important and effective.

    this is my blog post that i did for second assignment, it is about promoting ads via youtube.

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