How to get out of Social Media prison?

22 May

Nowadays almost everybody, who has connection to the internet, has created at least one account in a particular social media such as Facbook or Twitter. That is just the case with me. I have two Twitter accounts, one Facebook and one Tumbler account, which I need to visit and update at least two times a day, which is quite a lot of work to do. And maybe the biggest problem comes from the fact that by not checking my profiles on a regular bases, I would end up in a big mess. In order to benefit from the use of these social media I need to be in contact with them all the time, which sometimes is just not possible, because I also have other obligations that cannot be left behind.

Recently when I was browsing through the Internet I came across an interesting video on Youtube called “Social Media Management” representing some very astonishing facts for social media as a whole.

What Erik Qualman said – “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it” – is totally right because if we want to be part of this socialized world we also have to be part of its unifying structures – the social media.

After watching this video I was convinced that I am not the only one faced with the same problem. That is why I decided to find a better way to mange all these profiles. And is there a better place to search for an answer than Google Blogs? Some people may say “yes”, but in my case Google Blogs turned out to be the perfect one. When I entered “Social Media Monitoring” as a search term I came across a very interesting article called “All about Social Media Monitoring Tools” based on a survey conducted by “oneforty” presenting some statistical information on Social Media Monitoring Tools. I think that everybody who manages more than one account in a social media like Twitter should read this article because it gives us the answers to the most important questions that may arise in the decision making process of whether to buy such managing tools or not. Be sure to read the last part of the article because it presents the best free SMM tools.

How Priit Kallas suggests in his article “48 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools”, it is better first to try out the different monitoring tools in order to find out which one would suit us best. Taking into account that nowadays there are thousands of Social Media Monitoring Tools on the market, we have to be prepared to spend “some” time exploring the different options. What Priit Kallas does in his post, he divides the tools in two groups, A and B. Group A includes services that he uses on a regular bases and that seem interesting to be explored immediately, whereas Group B is an alphabetical list of different tools. If you think that you would waste your time by trying out all these options, just try out one or two tools from Group A and you will find out that they can certainly be beneficial.

For those of you who think that paying for Social Media Management Tools is just a waste of money, at least in this point of time, I found a very neat blog post, called “How to Build a Free Social Media Monitoring Dashboard”, elucidating a way in which you can better manage your social media by creating your own and free monitoring dashboard. The author – Tony Ahn – explains how with an RSS reader and some Internet savvy, you can build powerful social media listening post free of charge. This tool would also help if you use social media for business purposes. It is very important to keep track of where your company is mentioned on the Internet, who is mentioning it and how others are responding to what they get as information. Knowing the answers to these fundamental questions would help us reach our target audience and potential clients.

So in my opinion, do not waste more time, explore the different options and find out the one that suits your needs.

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One Response to “How to get out of Social Media prison?”

  1. arinanira July 13, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

    Hey Dian!

    What a thoughtful and interesting post!
    I really liked it (despite being a little disappointed that you did not gave any tips on how to actually escape social media prison, as the headline would have suggested; because I was looking for a way to delete my myspace account, since Tom apparently does not want me to go, by refusing to send me the delete-mail…oh well). The video you choose was a good introduction to underline your point of social media being enormously important and you presented a good, solution for those who want to use social media and save time: Social media monitoring.
    I have not came across the problem of being hardly able to update my statuses efficiently, but I guess that’s just because I participate in a reasonably number of networks and do not really depend on my updates being superefficient. That’s quite an other story for firms, as you pointed out.
    I really applaude your choice of links and words, because they make it really easy to follow the idea. I think it is really worth having a closer look at intelligent online-marketing concepts, as the potential customer spends more and more time online.

    Well done!

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