23 May

 According to a forecast by screen digest there will be more than 380 million smartphones on this planet. Hence, if in only 4 years about 5% of the world population are permanently using this little piece of magic, it would be extremely useful to become acquainted with the fancy stuff you can do with it. Besides the functions everyone  knows already and which cause the thin layer of dust on your laptop, I’d like to present some awesome, less common little apps  that assist in making  your everyday life easier and more pleasurable.

The first one I’d like to introduce to you is the adidas micoach app. It is “…a dynamic coaching engine that is constantly smoothing GPS to determine when to trigger coaching narration in over six different languages based on a workout plan chooser with thousands of combinations based on your personal fitness level”, as a host of the official micoach forum puts it. Check out this ad that makes you grab your running shoes and just get started!

With an individual guidance during the run, protocols of each workout and even voices of athletes such as Andy Murray or this year’ s MVP Derrick Rose (How cool is that??), this app just does a great job assisting in getting you in shape. Furthermore, considering the relatively high price for a nice pair of running shoes, it is also something else that matters: for FREE!

My second app you should check out as a smartphone owner is a help for everyone enjoying Berlin’s night life. I guess most of my fellow students have experienced the situation in which they find themselves in a club enjoying a song they never heard before which has the potential to strongly demand itunes’ repeat function as it is just fantastic! However, the threat of never finding out what song this was might ruin the whole night. That won’t happen with Shazam!

This beautiful app “listens to” the track and finds it online so you are able to enjoy the song the next morning as well. To make the satisfaction complete, you do not need to pay for this service either.

Another amazing app I’d like to present is Word Lens. Watch this video to see what it can do:

If you are on holiday and unable to speak much Spanish, this is your little lifesaver. Unfortunately, it only works for iphones so far and costs about 5$. However, that is still less than a dictionary and a lot faster.

I hope these three examples could convince you and prove my point that smartphones can really help in lots and lots of different ways and despite the admittedly quite big financial investment necessary to call one your own, it is worth buying one. It does not necessarily have to be an iphone as my HTC works just excellent.

Of course there are plenty more terrific apps of which you can find many on

In case you are still weighing up pros and cons of buying a smartphone, you can stop now since there is one pro mightier than all the cons combined: The legendary AngryBirds. Don’t know what that is? Go be ashamed and buy a phone, goddamned!


3 Responses to “APPetizing!”

  1. fannysia May 25, 2011 at 7:39 am #

    Hi! I absolutely love your post because i can totally relate to it! I absolutely love apps and how apps can bring us such convenience!

    From your post, i notice that even established companies like adidas have joined in the apps race and have created their own app as well! This is one great example of how businesses have integrated themselves well to what the consumers are using, and where consumers’ new focus is!
    here is a link to show how fashion companies and biz have joined in the apps game as well, launching new apps for smartphones!

    I love how you have included various recommendations that you think will benefit your readers! 🙂 the apps are very interesting and i will definitely check them out! thank you! i enjoyed reading this! 🙂

  2. Iris Ng May 25, 2011 at 10:52 am #

    hey! this is a really interesting post 🙂

    I have an iphone myself and i find apps SO amazing and useful! i like the Shazam app you recommended, it’s really helpful in helping me find songs that I like!! I never knew such an app existed.

    Personally, i enjoy photography so here are a few photography-related apps I found that are really interesting:

    I particularly like the Adobe Photoshop Express App,that lets you quickly edit and share your photos.

    It was also good that you ended your blogpost by saying that everyone should jump on the bangwagon and get a smartphone too! 🙂

  3. Bruce Spear May 27, 2011 at 11:30 pm #

    Before I check out these apps, I want to hear what others say about them.

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