Second Life…Are you in?

26 May

After five weeks of blogging, I found myself in prostration. I had three blogs posts about Social Networks and two of them about 3D and its future. And I absolutely didn’t know where to go next and what to write. What shall Social Networks and 3D have in common? For a long time I was thinking about it until I decided to ask GOOGLE. As it is known, GOOGLE knows everything and my situation wasn’t an exception. I found Second Life.

Second Life is a virtual 3D world where you can meet with other people, participate in different activities and even spend real money. It has already 10 million registered users. According to Perry Carpenter, there are around 180 000 people per day enter Second Life and spend approximately 4 hours each there. So there must be something special that make people do it.

I found an article “Second Life: Is There Any There There?” by Gary Anthes, a correspondent at Computer world, where he described his experience with this virtual reality.  

As he writes, there are some options that make Second Life different compared to any other virtual reality. First of all, can spend your real money in virtual reality by choosing if you want to use your real credit card to buy the virtual currency which is called Linden dollars or not.  You can buy attractive avatar, weapon and likes. You can also buy there a headset and a mike. Those would allow you speak with other residents. Otherwise you can just type to them.

Second Life gives you an opportunity to meet real people, chat, flirt and even make communities with your friends. I mean your real friends, whom you can invite there. You can participate in activities and travel to different countries. The video below shows you how Berlin looks like in the virtual world of Second Life.

And this is not all.

According to John Brandon and his article „The top eight corporate sites in Second Life“, you can make a real business in this virtual 3D world. Perry Carpenter writes that there are numerous real corporations and businesses which are already in Second Life. For example, you can find there IBM, Toyota, Dell, Mercedes and etc.  As Perry Carpenter says, many HR departments of those companies are doing recruiting in Second Life.  Furthermore, it is a good way to advertise your product due to the fact that residents in this world can test them.

However, Gary Anthes argues that consulting doesn’t work well due to that fact that it s not personal enough because you cannot get real help in that world. As he says, he wouldn’t buy an IBM computer “because he spotted it through the window while playing in the IBM sandbox.”  However, it would me more attractive if he could get information about the product and different trainings from a real person there. Of course, then companies would need to hire somebody for this position and pay for it real money but if company doesn’t improve it, it might as well not bother.

There are many more things you can find in Second Life. For example, you can attend training and workshop or even study there. It sounds unreal but Harvard University has for more than a year offered for-credit classes in Second Life.  There are more than 100 schools and universities which offer classes and sessions in this virtual world.

However, not everything is good in Second Life yet. In Gary Anthes opinion, the interface is slow and primitive, graphics are poorly nuanced. But the first thing is that “corporate presence in SL is so tentative and rudimentary”.  If they would work on it, it could probably bring more users and, as a consequence, more money.

It is obvious that if so many companies and universities invested money in this project, it should have a big potential. And who knows, may be after the Facebook era time of Second Life will come.

Here you can read more:





5 Responses to “Second Life…Are you in?”

  1. Bruce Spear May 27, 2011 at 11:27 pm #

    Nicely done! Why not interview the IBMAN students now in their final last semester who, in their internships all over the world last semester, wrote about their experiences (as you will!) and met each week on our HWR Second Life island (as you will, too!). They might then like to visit your blog and offer their comments!

  2. Sarah May 30, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

    Hi Sasha,

    Great article! I have heard a lot about Second Life before. Last semester two students from 4th semester gave an presentation on their experience with Second Life and I thought it sounded very interesting.

    It seems that second Life offers a lot of possibilities. Your article made me very curious about it. I especially like how you structured your blog post; it is very easy to understand and to follow your explanation. Besides I am facinated by the video you enclosed. The virtual version of Berlin seems so authentic. It is amazing; it makes me even more curious about 2nd Life.

    In addition to that I find interesting how companies can use second life for marketing and advertising. In this context I found a very interesting article by a marketing expert who gives advice to companies:

    I might write my next article about second life marketing.

    I am looking forward to reading more.
    Best regards

  3. Dian Stefanov May 31, 2011 at 9:34 am #

    Hi Sasha,

    You have written a really nice article. I also want to congratulate you about the choice of topic. Second Life is a really important platform nowadays and would become even a necessity in the near future, because of the vast opportunities that it offers. You did a really great job by writing this introduction to what Second Life is, and what for it can be used. You manged to structure your post in way that contributes for the better understanding of the topic – alternating text, video, and pictures. Really neat.
    How all IBMAN students know, at one point in our studies at HWR, we would have to use the Second Life platform, that is why it would be really nice if you continue your discussion for this platform, and the opportunities it offers.
    Maybe the following video, which is about Internet Marketing on Second Life, would help you get inspiration for your next blog post:

    Looking forward to reading your next blog post.

  4. kristinajo June 1, 2011 at 11:16 am #

    hey sasha,
    your topic is really up to date.a few weeks ago I watched a documentary on Second Life on BBC.

    The funny thing is that this documentary was actually pretty negative about a mother neglecting their family because of Second Life. After reading your post, I actually realized that there are many supporting arguments for Second Life. How cool is it that you can actually get to know a company during your free-time?
    Thank you for widening my horizon!


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