What does the future holds for Social Media and Technology?

27 May

In my last block post I tried to introduce to you some ways in which, with the help of social media management tools, you can optimize the use of your social media. And when it comes to building up career, optimization is a very important aspect, one that we should pay a lot of attention on. With the improvement of social media, business also changes. We can see a major shift in the way business is done nowadays, and this shift is mostly caused by the advancement in technology. In order to keep our business running we need to be aware of the future trends in technology and social media.

While I was browsing through the internet, trying to find out what people think about future social media trends I came across an interesting article called “Social Media and the Future of Business” by Rafiq Dossani, elucidating the use of internal and external social media platforms in a business setting. According to this blog post, 90% of the surveyed companies use external SMPs, like Facebook, Twitter and Linked- In, for their business. Rafiq Dossani also points out that content platforms, such as blogs or multimedia content, were reported as more valuable for companies, because of their greater flexibility. Taking into account the information mentioned in this blog post I can only say that social media platforms would provide new opportunities for the companies by bringing them closer to customers, employees, and suppliers.

Why should we use social media if we can not increase the circle of participants? Companies would not find social media useful at all, if they know that it is difficult for potential clients to find them easily on the net. That is why, marketers today also spend great efforts in combining social media and search engine optimization. How Radek Kotlarek states in his article “Future Trends for Marketers in Search & Social Media”, it is well expected for sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to be more integrated with search engines in the future. This process of integration is a crucial step in devising successful and effective marketing campaigns.

Last but not least, I want to share with you a blog post called “The 11 Defining Social Media and Technology Trends in 2011” by Niall Harbison. How you can understand from the title, this article elucidates the trends in technology that would have the greatest impact on individuals and businesses in the near future. Successful business models such as the ones of Airbnb and Uber are just two examples of how the business is impacted from technology and social media. The fact that these businesses are now evaluated at a price of billion of dollars, tell us that more and more companies would be willing to adapt business strategies similar to the one of Airbnb. If you want to find out why Airbnb’s business strategy is so successful just watch the following video:

We live in a dynamic business environment that is changing with every single second. In order to succeed and be the winners at the end, we have to constantly refresh our knowledge with what is new, and what can take us one step ahead of others. So explore the options and choose carefully.

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  1. Bruce Spear May 27, 2011 at 11:24 pm #

    Lovely, what a pleasure to find this!

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