Would you like to „telecommute“?

29 May

Have you ever heard about the AT&T which is the world`s premier voice and data company? If your answer is `no`, just take a look at my post and let your perspective change about teleworkers  a little bit .

AT&T is the world`s largest telecommunications services provider with 90 million customer, more than $51 billion annual revenue and 147.000 employees. Maybe the number of employees didn’t surprised you that much but most interesting part of it is the 23.000 of employees are TELEWORKERS.

Why is that so important ?

 Because; the success of company has increased with the increase of teleworkers which is from %8 (in 1993) to %29.

 That probably brings your mind this question” how the change of flexibility of workplace can effect the success of company that much?”

To answer that question, let me start with the mean of “teleworkers” or “telecommuting” first.

 Teleworking is an arrangement between employers and employees in which employees work part-or full-time from alternative locations such as their homes or telework centers.With the changes of technology ,like ability to exchange documents over phone lines via modems, may the works can be done from remote.As a result of that, now more than 15.7 million Americans work from alternative locations(home,etc..) for their companies.It could be one day per month or full time of their work.

“I don’t think  we`ll even be calling this telecommunicating five years from now” says management consultant Fred Crandoll. I agree with that because when you see the number of teleworks and their growth, makes it clear that it is probably gonna be just a normal work style which doesn’t call telecommunicating any more.

 How does it help to get more success in their business?

Benefits for employers?

  1.       Cost saving                                                                                                                
  2.       Increased productivity
  3.       Improved motivation
  4.       Skills retention
  5.       Organization flexibility
  6.       Flexible staffing
  7.       Enhanced customer service

Benefits for individuals?

  1.       Reduce travel time and costs
  2.       Improved work opportunities
  3.       Less disruption to family life
  4.       Better balance of work and family life
  5.      Participation in the local communitiy
  6.      Flexible hours

Social and economic benefits?

  1.       Reduce traffic congestion
  2.       Reduced total travel and consequent pollution
  3.       Wider employment / work opportunities
  4.      Access to work for people with specific diffuculties
  5.       Economic regeneration

 Well..we can summarize the all benefits for everybody just like that. Now we should see the main element of telecommuting which is “ technology”.!

 “I have found one of the keys to my company`s teleworking success is the ability to maximize today`s technology to stay connected through virtual office” say Kacey Patterson(Atlanta PR/Marketing Exec.)

  Telecommuting  started based on voice messages, text data and so on in  1990s.With the changes of technology, the basic meaning of telecommuting has changed as well.To make it those changes more clear and summarize the new basic materials of teleworks,lets take help from Kacey`s sort of it;

  1.  Online Document Collaboration:For example; “Google Docs”. I also use the Google Docs for a few course in university because it provides you an opportunity to upload your stuff, create something and share your works with others.It could be a slide show of your presentations or any images as well.
  2.  PDAs and Blackberries: Recently, blackberries has been getting more popular because of its features.You don’t have to stay in front of the computers to not miss any important mails or news in your business. Smart phones are used as a primary office phone for especially teleworkers.
  3.   zBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster: They are used to increase signal and also strengthen the transmission of data like EVDO,HSDPA,UMTS and EDGE..
  4.   Instant Messaging(IM): it is a kind of way of communication between a few people (co_workers)  to keep connection with each other in business.
  5.   Shared Callenders
  6.  Social Networking Web Sites ( like Facebook, Twitter..)

I  also wanted to share those in order above to take your attention to the specific key of success of teleworkers. Their success is depended on their employer who provides them those technical and financial materials. That is why there is such a strong connection between telecommuting and information technology .

 You can find lots of example of companies which use the power of teleworkers in their organizations to manage their goal with less costs and easier way. There is a an interesting article which is called” How Telework is  Changing  The Traditional Corporate Office” (KLR Consulting Inc.): http://www.klr.com/articles/Articles_Telework_howteleworkischangingthetraditionalcorpoffice.pdf

I would like to share one more  web page to summarize the Teleworking generally by 10 questions to get more information for your career.(http://careerinfoonline.com/2010/11/10/top-10-telecommuting-questions-answered/ )While i was searching more information and example about this topic, i started think it as a part of my career,because it s very effective and technical way of work. it doest mean to stay at home all the day and send your works to your employer. (Especially it brings your mind the common example of moms with young children first, because its perfect opportunity to them to keep on their businees  at home.) It includes more than it and actually just one day per month is also a kind of telecommuting. Therefore ,it is worth to think about it twice.

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