Tracking Your Steps

6 Jun

  You have probably seen someone who posts like “ I am at …” or “ Anne just checked in at …” from your friends by using  location-based apps via social networks.

  Have you ever considered how it works or how people connect their location information to the network?

  There are some popular mobile applications to use the GPS like that. For example; Foursquare, WeePlaces, Loopt ,Brightkite … They help you to inform immediate surroundings and cultural events by increasing the web-based communication with your friends.

   I started with the connection between GPS and social networks as a current trend of technology. Actually it was pretty weird to write something about that because I hadn’t have that much idea about web based tracking before .I typed the last trends in information technology which connect  to human resources and especially options for more consumer satisfaction on Google and then faced the lots of information about GPS vehicle tracking and scheduled movement of vehicles  with lots of benefits even at the first page. Therefore, I would like to share this current technology by watching steps with you to emphasise the changes of  business style.

  Nowadays , its pretty easy to install GPS to your car, cell-phone, and so on. Simply, it means that the way you can track the locations and time for some reasons but lets take it in a larger way with more details.

 GPS (Global Positioning System ) is used  for lots of reason like finding your way in unknown place by using navigations, informing your friends your location and time information , or to manage your work with less cost, time and fuel ,more security and consumer satisfaction by companies. In my case, the last one is the most important and useful for more people in business. That is why it becomes more and more effective and indispensable for especially courier firms day by day to achieve an organization`s goals in easier, convenient, and faster way for business people.


 It’s a web-based system and can be used by consumers as well. For example “online shopping”. It used to include more negative results but now it is more successful than before by using GPS to manage the delivering stuff to consumer. First of all, it takes less time by finding the right  way to destination by GPS and helps to prevent  the non-delivery of goods. Second of all, its connected to monitors in your business and provides an online information anytime and anywhere which includes the location of vehicle and  left time to receive the goods by customers. Of course ; it gives customer more reliable service and also increase the success and brand of company as well as their profit. It is not for just national  delivery firms, can be used for small courier firms as well.

  We can  put the benefits in order;

  1.  Real-time monitoring
  2.  Planning
  3.  Keeping customers updated
  4.  Addressing crisis scenarios
  5.  Fuel and labor cost savings

 Lets take a more specific example;

  Recently, a new kind of shoes have been produced which includes GPS system inside of it. They are used especially by people who have Alzheimer disease. Those shoes help to find their location in case of losing their way or some situations like that. Of course; this great service isn’t provided by just those  shoes. There are also special watches to provide the same thing by using GPS.(see more trends ;

 We usually focus the business effect of those changes in technology but they influence almost every part of our daily life like the shoe example. While I was travelling in countries which I hadn’t been before, i used GPS to find my way, restaurants, close petrol stations, hotels and so on. It means that even though you don’t have enough knowledge about how they work (like me) , you immediately make them a part of your life and start to use them to make your life easier, because most of those changes take less time and money from you.

 (See also ; )

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