Talk to Your Computer: Chrome Listens and Translates

7 Jun

“As the contract between Mozilla and Google comes to the end in 2011, Mozilla is expected to look out for other partners, as now Google can boost it up for free via Chrome” said Moonjungkoo, in her previous post.  I would also broadly talk about a new web browser– Chrome. Google is really developing its spheres by creating its own browser, video chat, map, translator, mail and etc. I am quite interested in Chrome Browser.

Google’s new Chrome web browser is getting a lot of attention for its slick looks, helpful features, and performance.

But how does it rank against the early releases of more established browsers? And is it really the fastest browser now?  Here is Kevin Purdy’s test for all these web browsers:

Chrome automatically watches search boxes you use. Next time you want to search that site, rather than opening the page and finding the search box, you can use the Omni-bar to search that site quickly and easily. For example, after one search at Amazon, I could make a second search from Chrome simply by heading to the Omni-bar, pressing “a” and then Tab to auto complete the Amazon search.

Like almost every browser these days, Google Chrome has added a “porn mode” called Incognito mode. When browsing in Incognito, none of your activity will be recorded on your computer. That means no history; no files saved in the cache, no cookies, and no evidence you’ve been naughty.

Well, it looks like Google is unsurprisingly adding more than just a new logo to the latest version of its Chrome browser — the just-released beta of Chrome 11 also now boasts speech-to-text capabilities. That comes in the form of support or the HTML5 speech input API, which web developers will be able to take advantage of to let folks simply talk to websites and have their speech magically transcribed to text. The Developer Tools, bundled and available in Chrome, allows web developers and programmers deep access into the internals of the browser and their web application. This overview of the Developer Tool point out its most popular and useful features. The target audience is web developers who don’t know of, or have not yet investigated, the Developer Tools.

See more information:

The latest stable release of the Chrome browser today contains a cool new feature: speech input through HTML. This means that you can talk into your computer’s microphone, and your recorded audio will be translated to text and typed out for you.

That’s great for speech-to-text input in general – for the purposes of dictation and transcription. But as Google demonstrates, there are a number of other ways in which this can be utilized, including in Google Translate.

The text-input box for Google Translate now accepts voice input. Simply speak the word or phrase you’d like translated – no typing necessary. (You can also hear the translation spoken aloud too.)

This new feature has been in the beta version of Chrome since late March. Thanks to the HTML speech input API, developers can add this ability to their Web apps.

In the future, when you see that little microphone on a website, it means that this functionality is in place. Time to brush up on your elocution and give your keyboarding skills a rest.


One Response to “Talk to Your Computer: Chrome Listens and Translates”

  1. Dian Stefanov June 8, 2011 at 12:20 pm #

    Hi Eddy,

    I think you did a great job by this blog post. It is really informative and descriptive. Even though Google Chrome is so popular nowadays, and most people think they know how it functions, it is really nice that you mentioned some not so popular features of the browser. As only “drawback” I can state the fact that I did not see anywhere in your blog post what others think about the Google Chrome. But anyway you have written a really interesting blog post.

    Really nice reading your post.

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