11 Jun

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you something about… guerilla marketing!

It is pretty obvious, that raising (brand) awareness is getting harder these days: People got used to the plentitude of persuasion lurking almost everywhere and consequently developed better filtering mechanisms, made up picturesque terms like “spam” and last but not least got a little spoiled by the supplied variety.

In order to get noticed, one has to stand out – being creative, sudden and amusing.

Guerilla marketing campaigns generally fulfill the given criteria inexpensively. By creating street-art, telling stories, playing monster, faking events, or rapping about sweat for instance – they gasp the potential customer’s attention and create a positive emotional link to the product. Furthermore successful actions are promoted voluntarily by their targets; which share the funny link with their friends, or simply talk about it (good old mouth-to-mouth-propaganda); and clueless journalists.

Back in the 80ies, when the term “guerilla marketing” was coined by the marketing expert Jay C. Levinson, it was envisioned as PR for small firms with tight budgets. Today, many big companies adopt the concept, out of similar reasons. As ads-space-real-estate gets more expensive and less effective, marketing departments are pushed towards alternative approaches. Guerilla marketing is not only in advantage because of its efficiency & effectiveness, but also because its actions are (unlike forbidden “Schleichwerbung”) in a legal grey zone. The fee for inadequate parking, or vandalism is usually a lot lower than the cost of a big PR campaign and (if implemented correctly) at least as successful as that.

Guerilla marketing can be found everywhere. Even on Google.

My personal favorites are probably Greenpeace’s campaigns. They’ve been in the business of guerilla marketing before it even had a name and their actions are always directed towards virtuous goals, like boycotting whaling, raising awareness about genetically modified food, or the dangers of nuclear power.

What are yours?

P.S. Yeah, I know.. “lasers”


4 Responses to “OMG!!! DINOSAURS WITH LAZERS!!!”

  1. Sarah June 13, 2011 at 4:15 pm #

    Hi Arina,

    Great article ! I really like your introduction; I saw the cool title and the picture and it made me want to read more.
    I am total interested in marketing but I have never heard the term “guerilla marketing”. It is easy for readers to follow your thoughts and explanations and gives them a great overview.

    Now I know what guerilla marketing is; I started to do some more researches on the topic and I found a pretty cool blog where authors write about the lates guerilla marketing campaigns, if you are interested you can take a look at it.

    And I wanted to add that you got a great writing style and I like the pictures you embedded.

    Looking forward to reading more.
    Bets regards

  2. angiethiem June 13, 2011 at 5:23 pm #

    I actually planned to start writing my own blog post for this week… but hell yeah I am so distraced right now. AMAZING topic! I guess everybody has more or less seen one of the examples, read about it or had at least heart about the (I agree) awesome greenpeace projects! I just started to look for more examples on youtube and I like the IKEA idea a lot. simple, “cheap” but a high symphatie factor I guess:
    I will also follow the blog sarah just has mentioned… the topic has a high potencial and a lot of content to be discussed.
    Well done and thank you for the input!!!

  3. Sophie June 15, 2011 at 10:10 am #

    Hi Arina!

    Mission accomplished: Saw headline, saw picture (OMG!!! DINOSAURS!!!! LAZERS!!! LOVELY SPELLING!!) you had me… maybe you can see that because of my use of capslock..

    I love how you explained to us what Guerilla Marketing is and I realised that I have already seen stuff wich fits your explanation! My favourite one (I’ve got it on my iPod..) is this beautiful little movie with Robert Downey Jr. (HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3) and actually it is a 12 min commercial for Volvo… but I don't care because it is a gorgeous story… and guess what, my father got a Volvo XC60 and my mother a Volvo C30… commercial had its effect… XD

    thank you!!!



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