Save Your Money,Save Your Time

12 Jun

Are you too lazy to follow all technological changes around you,( like me )? If your answer is “yes” ,don’t shame about that and be ready for some changes in your life.

Let me give you some specific examples to make it more clear ;

I used to think that all cell phones were the same, because the main point of using them was common. Different shape,size, color or any other feature weren’t worth to spend more money than others with almost the same qualities.


It has become incredibly important to have the best features in your cell phone. Or should I say just “smartphones”?

First, it brought my mind that they are nothing more than a big commercial benefits to producers without any significant differences than the normal cell phones we used. It all started with better shape, more touch screens and easier internet connection ,but now their advertisements are almost everywhere, because of their “apps”. You see them on the internet like` would like to spend less time and money to find the place for rent ` or ` don’t you have enough time for shopping` and so on.

What do those advertisements mean? How can they help us for real estate or provide a way to spend less time  by saving our money to find what we are looking for?

To answer those basic questions, first we should start to figure out the meaning of “apps”.

If you type it in Wikipedia, you will face the simple explanation like” application software, also known as an app is computer software designed to help the user to perform singular or multiple related specific tasks”. Of course it doesn’t specify the way we can use apps to make our life easier, but help to get the meaning of it.

Those apps have been increasing every year, because it makes people curious about them with millions of advertisements everywhere and provides lots of opportunity to help your business or personal life. Therefore it is not surprise to see the big growth of it in this graph.

I mentioned the real estate and shopping to emphasize how they can work for such different tasks like that. Actually, its pretty simple to find the appropriate apps online and use them by your smartphones like blackberry, iphone and so on.For example ; APP; which provides shopping opportunities for properties


Shop Nearby; which shows the close stores to them

Or such a “green shopping apps” like Be Nice to Bunny; which helps us to figure out the products we use were tested on animals or not.


At the beginning , I said that they used to seem like a trap to spend more money without any benefits but after checking lots of apps to see how they work and what they provide, it became pretty obvious that it actually more than it seems. Think about it; they can help you to find the best products you are looking for while protecting animals=)

Especially for the shopping part,  the inspiration for me was the blog post by Crystal Beran . She explains how the apps can help you for real estate with lots of useful details, because it is not just like typing it in and see the close places to you. You can figure out the price you have to spend on it in the long-term , get more information about the neighbourhood for your safe and interests or help to find your roommate as well by using them.( see the post;

Even for a person like me , it is  encouraging  to get to know much more things about that, get a suitable phone to use them and maybe consider the business part of it, because as you know most of companies have been giving smartphones to their employees to get more success by making their life and work easier.

Latest technological trends like this one is getting easier to follow and make a part of our life day by day.

 I hope those innovations  which used to seem waste of time and money changes your mind a little bit and now realize that the way of wasting more time and money is actually not being aware of them.

  (see also;


5 Responses to “Save Your Money,Save Your Time”

  1. garciana June 15, 2011 at 8:56 am #

    Hey Tugce!

    Even though I do not have a smartphone, I have heard of “apps”. But I had not considered them in the way you are describing them, e. g. for real estate or environmental purposes, so thank you for that insight. The diversity of apps is amazing. There is even a “gay radar app”. It directs you to all people in your environment who also installed it on their phone and that way, it becomes more convenient for people to get in touch. Interesting, or?
    I like your style, it feels like you are really talking to the reader, guding him through your text.
    Just one recommendation: You could try inserting your links into the text, by placing them words or phrases. it would make your post look nicer.
    All in all, good work!

  2. Dian Stefanov June 15, 2011 at 11:24 am #

    Hi Tuucce,

    Really nice blog post. First I want to congratulate you about the perfect introduction, because it really catches the readers attention to continue reading forward.

    When I bought my first smart phone, which was a Black Berry I was really disappointed because I really have to pay for any additional feature or app that I install. In the end of the first month after I bought this phone I calculated that I paid about 50 euros additionally for apps. From that moment on I was totally against such technologies, because clearly the disadvantages were more than the benefits.

    Recently I change to Nokia and I understood that apps can be very helpful. The main difference between Nokia and Black Berry apps is the fact that Nokia’s ones are free. For example, I recently installed Skype on my phone which saves me about 40 Euros per month on phone bills, which is certainly a good deal.

    As a whole, I can say that as the competition in the field of smart phone software increases, people would benefit more and more from these technologies.

    Well done!

  3. itgalina June 16, 2011 at 12:38 pm #

    Dear Tugce!

    First I want to wish you a happy birthday! I agree with Dian: Your heading really caught my eye! And I found myself in your description: There are soooo many Apps (I heard one that there are more than 100,000…) who has still an overview?
    It is amazing that companies give smartphones to their employees, I didn’t know they are that useful! To me Apps were already quite useful, like traffic apps or news apps, but that they are really made for businesses like real estate fascnates me. The whole world seems to be working better and smarter through apps and your life will definitely be easier using them!
    Furthermore your text is well written and your style makes it easy to follow your idea!
    Thank you!

  4. Eldiar Nyshanov(299332) June 27, 2011 at 5:08 pm #

    Hey Tugce,
    You did a very good job introducing your topic and linking it to your various personal useful experiences. This shows that master the art of telling a story.
    The introduction started with icons which I liked your way of beginning and also did go into technical details in the main part and showed us the chart. Your conclusion is short but perfectly fitting since it leaves us with a true statement worth reflecting about.
    Recently I bought a new smartphone in order to save some calling expenses to my home country, it really works nowadays, and I can talk with my parents even in S Bahn. It is comfortable and cheaper than calling International Phoning.
    Good topic.

  5. itwanda July 13, 2011 at 10:20 pm #

    Dear Tugce,
    you chose to write about a topic that is very uptodate. Since my phone broke and I kind of got sick of steadily getting the newest one I just sticked to it now.It is so old, I cannot use apps; it does not even have a camera. But I must say that apps are the reason I am considering to get a new smartphone and change sites again- I am not sure which one is good and bad. Lots of my friends have the iPhone 4 and make use of tons of apps which seem to be really cool and also helpful. They make use of apps that for instance inform you when a contract is about to run out and you have to withdraw from it or that list all the deals in your town, where and how you can save money etc. I think some of them are really useful and then others are just stupid and superfluous.
    I must say that your title is very appealing since most of us want to save time and money!
    Good job!

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