The New Way of Obtaining Information

20 Jun

The World is Changing,The Future is Flat “ says Thomas L. Friedman in his book “The World is Flat”. It includes the globalized world which brings your mind the current changes in especially information technology around our world.

 The reason to start by showing this book is its great  content which is related what we have been doing during this course.

 Everything is changing day by day and it is getting harder to follow them. 

 Lets take the “knowledge” first.

 We are living in a kinda world of knowledge which needs to be caught immediately, because its content is getting larger and it s impossible to ignore this world of knowledge and go on our life as usual. Even a single day far away from this world could cause serious loss for people.


 To answer this, we should focus the impact of information technology in “knowledge”. The most important thing is “speed”. It is unbelievable  to see  how fast the knowledge can spread all over world. You send an email from so far away, and it is received immediately by someone else .You spend all day far away from any computer but still can get important news by your smartphone. Or you do your all work at home even though you don’t stop by at work once.


   Its more specific than it seems, because this changes has become the most important part of business life.

  What about the daily life?

  I mentioned the technological items like smartphones in my previous blog posts but now I would like to take it more simple; Books !

  The most normal and old way of getting information. I said it like an old way for knowledge but it doesn’t mean that it is over. It has  got some changes.  Like ; e-books. It sounds pretty normal after a huge changes of information technology but actually it includes more than basic stuff. First of all, we should see it from the perspective of writers. The increase of eBook is not a big surprise with less cost and easier way to publish them. Those advantages contribute more and more information to this huge world of knowledge.

 Interesting blog post which I found shows the basic ways of selling eBooks under the title of “ Make Money with eBooks”. (

 Now we can see it from the reader`s side ;

It is also easy way for readers  to read a book online any time they want instead of going to bookstore . Less time, less money !

 See a few web pages to read online book;

  • Project Gutenberg
  • Bibliomania
  • The Online Books page
  • The Literature Network , and so on.

 On the other hand, it makes the encyclopedia age over by encouraging people to study in front of their computer instead of staying in library.

In my case; the reason to be interested in eBooks is that it`s the easiest way to find the resources in any language you need. Especially for the students who study in abroad like me may  face the problem of finding the best book they look for in language they want. If you don’t wanna read them online, you can order them on the web sites like Amazon from anywhere you want. That is another  simple but useful opportunity which information technology provides.

  And of course there is a one more important result of those increase in ebooks for readers; You have probably heard lots of books which were banned to print. There is a suspection about it, because you cant be sure that is fair to prevent to print books just because someone thinks that they are harmful. It also prevents the freedom of knowledge. But now, people can usually get those book online by downloading as a pdf documents of them.

 As I said at the beginning, this world of knowledge is flattening and it is gonna be more in the future as well by those trends in technology. It is obvious that those technological changes bring opportunities to obtain information fastly and provides freedom of opinions by giving a platform to people to show what they do, think and want.

 See also ;

2 Responses to “The New Way of Obtaining Information”

  1. lisaneubert June 27, 2011 at 8:54 pm #

    Hello Tugce,

    In my opinion you made readers interested in your blog by your way of starting and ending your blog. I am really fascinated, if people know how to develop a good framework around their story. And you also know how to talk to us by apostrophize your readers!
    According to your content, personally I have to admit that I do not like eBooks. Although I really love reading, books and everything around it. But for me it is hard to read from the screen, eyes hurting so much after couple of minutes. But using PDFs for university stuff is pretty efficiently, because – i do absolutely agree with you! – you do not have tu run from one book shop/library to another. And thus saving time!
    This is a perfect recommendation blog for students staring studying in the 1st semester!

  2. Julia J. July 26, 2011 at 2:43 am #

    Dear Tugce,
    I decided to read your article because I saw the ebook picture. Recently I see more and more people reading books with their IPad or some other ebook tablets. It is especially seem amongs travelers who read it in the airplane or on the train. I think just like you. It is very crazy how fast information spreads nowadays. I can still remember the times when it took me a whole night to download a music video…
    I was also thinking about buying a kindl or something because it is just so convenient and you can have so many books with you at the same time. But on the other hand I still prefer traditional books and I like the idea of second hand book exchanges when I am travelling. I thinks it is better for face to face communication with people.
    Everything that saves time is attractive for businesses but I wonder if there will be any boundaries one day. I mean it is impossible that everything gets faster and faster , and more complex.
    For your post, I liked that you highlighted some points and gave some useful links. It would have been good if you had directly linked the ebook sites too (Project Gutenberg and so on).
    Thanks : )

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