When will we say Goodbye to Second Life?

21 Jun

Second Life. Probably, you could ask: “What else can be written about it?“ . We have already discussed about its idea, business and education there. However, there is always the way to deepen the topic. Today we will try to answer the question which companies, universities and just people are thinking about.

What is the Future of Second Life?

The best way to get to know the answer is to ask Linden Lab, the CEO of Second Life. As we can read in the article “Second Life CEO looks to the future, after massive layoffs”  Linden Lab wants to continue developing services such as Second Life Viewer software or a version of the service that runs in a browser, with no download required. Also he is going to focus more on consumers instead of business.

According to the article “Second Life will dwarf the web in ten years”, Craig Sherman, CEO of Gaia Online, says that within some years a virtual reality like Second Life will be able provide real-time 3D graphics as good as the digital effects in today’s Hollywood blockbusters. In the next few months Avatars and buildings will have shadows.

Moreover, Andrew Turner in his blog post “A Reason Why Second Life is the Future of Socializing Over the Internet!” argues that Second Life has good prospective in socializing because an Avatar represents our body in virtual reality. It is more personal that writing e-mail. Also he writes that possibly in the future the Avatar will be able to mimic the actions of the person in real life.

Jaron Lanier  says: “In 25 years, robotics will be so good, we’ll have no more manufacturing jobs. Software will be so good, there will be no more consulting jobs. But we will all get rich buying and selling virtual goods.”

However, not everybody is so optimistic. Mitch Wagner doesn’t see much of a future for Second Life even if it has many advantages. He thinks that SL will go into maintenance mode and have a slowly dwindling user base. So in his opinion, its best days are behind it.

The only thing many people agree is that Second Life is something unusual and important. What is your personal opinion about it? What is the future? Is it possible that Second life will be more popular than Facebook ? Let me know about your thoughts in comments bellow.

One Response to “When will we say Goodbye to Second Life?”

  1. lisaneubert June 27, 2011 at 9:15 am #

    Hey Sasha,
    I am really interested in this topic, because it seems to be so far away, but in fact it is everywhere! I had a long discussion with my aunt and my uncle exactly about the future of Second Life. In my opinion, there will be always somebody who is interested in such kind of computer games. So, it will make profit of all those people. But in fact, I do not believe that it will become popular than facebook. Because as far as I know some features of Second Life are not for free and you have to pay with your real money. And it is obvious that the more you have to pay for a game, the less consumers will use it. And facebook is for free.
    Maybe you have heard about it that during the internship in the 7th semester we have to participate in Second Life lectures. But fortunately, their is a campaign now in which you can sign that you do not want to participate in virtual lectures. I did that already, because I think virtual reality can be a great sunday afternoon employment, but that is not real life!

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