„Two turkeys don’t make an eagle, but no penguin will ever soar.”

22 Jun

So I called my post theme. But what does it mean? For whom this quotation belongs? In my previous post I wrote about the vice-president of Google I/O – Vic Gundotra, this saying belongs to him, this announcing is living since February 11, 2011. He meant that Nokia and Microsoft may not make an Apple but neither will Android ever create the future. So there were many arguments after his quoting. Here is an expert of Apple Horace Dediu’s explanation about this situation. He is clearly said that Nokia threw in the towel. Not because they could not build, but because their building processes could not create greatness.

But can greatness ever come from modularity? He has argued that it can’t. He’ll maintain that argument as long as what is being built is not good enough. In other words, as long as innovation remains relevant, improvements will be absorbed and rewarded. Once innovation exceeds what can be absorbed, the basis of competition will shift to convenience and price which are best served with modular business architecture. Here is more information about it: http://www.asymco.com/2011/02/11/two-turkeys-dont-make-an-eagle-but-no-penguin-will-ever-soar/

Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, is due to speak further about the company’s Windows Phone 7 plans at a Strategy and Financial Briefing later today. The company announced its plans on Friday morning ahead of the briefing. In a joint statement by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Elop, the pair outlined their future.

Ballmer said he was excited by the partnership. “Ecosystems thrive when fueled by speed, innovation and scale. The partnership announced today provides incredible scale, vast expertise in hardware and software innovation and a proven ability to execute,” he said.

The announcement comes days after Nokia CEO Stephen Elop issued a 1,300 word internal memo to the company’s employees recently spelling. Elop admitted throughout the memo that competitors are doing better and that Nokia’s current ecosystem is a “burning platform”.

Here is an interview of them (Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop):

I think it’s about time… Been waiting for them to make this announcement for a year now. It’s obvious that Microsoft has been wining and dining Nokia for years now. I suspected that even launching WP7 in Europe first was directed at Nokia.

However in this case it’s a no brainer… Microsoft needs a good hardware vendor and Nokia badly needs next generation software for their devices.

The one thing that Microsoft has ALWAYS been good about is their partnering. It’s the one thing that Apple has not learned yet. It’s also the one reason why iPhone will start to lose its market share. This has always been a battle between Android and WP7.

According to the Vic Gundotra’s speech, he is adding gas to the fire with his tweet saying “two turkeys do not make an eagle.” Here is an article about this quotation:


What does he mean? Oh, Nokia hardware with Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS won’t make a good smartphone.

Vic is totally correct. I read a lot of conversations and discussions; my point of view is as follows: Microsoft is late to the party and Nokia is even later. Google is in a much better spot, especially on software and services. But Vic better watch out for this “turkey” NokiaWP7 device, or family of devices. Why? They seem to be playing a lot of Angry Birds over at Nokia and if you put a turkey into a catapult it can do a lot of damage to Google.

It seems to me that Nokia is changing the game, or trying to. While Google is playing Flight Simulator, Nokia is playing Angry Birds. And, no, Google hasn’t been acting like the mighty eagle, either, lately. I actually like using Windows Phone 7 better than I like using Android. Can they capitalize on that, or will Google come out with a revamped Android OS with new UI that makes them the user experience thought leader?

So, if Microsoft and Nokia can pull harder on the Xbox brand they have a real shot at doing some damage to Google. That turkey might end up looking like an Angry Bird that takes out a good piece of a building over in Mountain View.

Plus, Nokia does have nice maps (NAVTEQ and Microsoft have been partners for a long time) and they do make nice hardware. So, with a new, flattened Nokia (what happens when your company jumps off something and hits the water? It gets flatter!) And a new partnership with Microsoft, Elop is ready for some Angry Birds wars with Google and Apple.


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