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27 Jun

After many weeks of exploring and getting to know the web, technology and IT in more detail than ever before, one major drawback or the thing that annoyed me the most, was the fact that I always had to keep track of the websites and blogs I was looking at, additionaly I sometimes failed to keep those in mind that could have been interesting to follow in the future. Soon i realized that there was (of course) something, that could solve all my problems, therefore I would like to introduce to you- the Google Reader.

First Steps

So after I found the solution for my problem, I had to figure out how to actually use it. When entering the page for the Google Reader, there is a short introduction how to install and use the reader:

  • Stay up to date Google Reader constantly checks your favorite news sites and blogs for new content.
  • Share with your friends Use Google Reader’s built-in public page to easily share interesting items with your friends and family.
  • Use it anywhere, for free Google Reader is totally free and works in most modern browsers, without any software to install.

You may also “take a tour” where you get a more detailed introduction to the usage of Google Reader. I have to admit, that firstly I am more a visual person and secondly the tour is not really very informative. So,before digging deeper into the topic of Google Reader I made an account (which is compulsory, if you want to install the Google Reader). You can either use an excisting email adress of yours or you can also make a googlemail adress, which is your own choice. I already have 4 e-mail adresses, therefore I chose to use an excisting one (it’s already hard to keep track of all of them).
Next thing I did, was search the web for more information on Google Reader. And look what I found:

This video really helped me in a nicely way how to work the Google Reader…


Get Started!

So now I added the account, did the “tour” and watched the video. Finally, I really wanted to USE the reader. So I logged in and started to add my subscribtions. And it is really easy to add them! You can either copy the URL of the website or just search for them via the searchmachine on the reader. Additionally, you can also just press the RSS sign, when visiting a website (below you can see a picture of how it looks like).

So I thought about my most favourite blogs and websites (of course I added our busapps site by Bruce Spear). Here you can see how my reader looks like after adding a few websites:


How to pimp your Google Reader

The next step in becoming a professional user of the Google Reader, is to know how to share news or interesting articles with your friends. And yes, this is right, you are able to share the good stuff (or bad stuff) with all you friends!
Here is what I found on youtube and which helped me the most:

As you see,sharing is also very easy. Furthermore, you can also share your most favourite posts on facebook!
I also have to admit, after finding this video I kind of got really into the topic and watched a lot of the “How to Use Google Reader” videos. Last but not least, I would like to show you a video on how to organize Google Reader by adding new folders:

I have to admit, that I felt like a geek after realizing that installing, using and pimping my Google Reader took me around 2 hours. But actually it also felt really good, to organize my subscriptions. And it felt even better to learn something that is actually very technical (and maybe geeky) by doing and all by myself. I even felt a little proud after telling it to a male friend, who was actually impressed by the knowledge I managed to achieve after those hours!
Get this, I am a girl but not any more feared by technology!


4 Responses to “Read the Reader”

  1. lisaneubert June 27, 2011 at 9:06 pm #

    Hi Kristina,
    what well-structured explanations. I am totally impressed the way your can explain and talk to others. I really like to listen to you, I have to admit. The same in your post! I was laughing a bit at the end, because I think it’ll make ALL WOMEN proud! Doing some research and playing with them and even having success, make all women proud and feeling like a hereo, I guess.
    I did my technology development also about GOOGLE READER: . I like that we learn about this feature differentely, because that is why I learned something new about GOOGLE READER, too. You made it more emotioal and visual whereas I refer to all people who might be more pragmatic. Great development!

  2. PhilBart June 28, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

    Hey geeky girl,
    I liked your post so much I put a link to it in my latest post.As Lisa already pointed out, it is very well structured. What I like most is that the readers can feel your enthusiasm which made you spend 2 hours organizing your reader! Great! I also started using the reader and already liked it before knowing about all the special things you can do with like sharing and so on. This is what makes this post also interesting to people who already used the technology. And to those who did not, you really promoted it well enough to encourage eople to use and you also provided enough information to install it easily, “Reader for Dummies- style”;) Good job on this one!

  3. tuucce July 12, 2011 at 7:30 pm #

    Hi Kristina,
    It is nice to get that “the girl who dont have a fear of technolgoy ” 🙂 I know that it is easy to type what you interest on Google , search related conversations on Google Blog Search or even just look at some interesting videos on Youtube to get to know something and take more step to work on them.For example ; there are millions of tutorial to learn how to use such a tools to work with technology easier but i have to say that they cant be compared with such a great blog post like you wrote..As the others said,its really well structured.You have shared a few useful videos instead of one single and casual tutorial video. Even though i have heard something about ” Google Reader” . i havent started to use it yet. After reading your post, it seems more interesting and useful than before. Thanks for this great post.


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