Say Bye Bye to My Fear of Technology

27 Jun

When i saw the title of last blog post which we have to write, i immediately started to think about what i have done during this course, where i was at the beginning and where i am right now.

 First of all, i have  to confess that i am not such a curious person about technological changes around me. At least, i wasn’t ! Checking  emails,  taking a look at social networks , reading newspapers and something like that were pretty much all i used to do on the Internet. Of course it sometimes have worked to do my assignments as well .

 We took the  “introduction to business information system “ course during the last semester and it actually made me take a step to  the world of technology more. Even though i wasn’t interested in that much, i had to do something.

 Then, we started to take the “business applications” and i have taken a deeper step to technology ,based on computers, by regularly writing blog posts, searching related topics by using “Google Blog Search  , making other people interested in what you are doing on the Internet and of course using databases to make your works easier.

 Lets take the last one “databases”.

For example: i have figured out how to use WAMP  by installing the “wordpress” which we share our posts to edit them easily on my databases.(

 Now i can explain how it works and why we need to use something like that, but that wouldn’t be my favourite topic to focus on.

 I know that it is hard to take a person`s (like me ) attention to this tools, but after reading  the last tasks we have to do, ”Zotero” managed to make me curious about it.

 Let me explain the reason;

You can check  the web site or even just “Wikipedia” to get to know what it means and then watch a few tutorial videos on Youtube to figure out how it works.

 It seems amazing!

 I can not believe that i`d never try to use such a tool to do my works easier. I study in abroad and sometimes  its hard to find the book  in my language or English i am looking for.To do some assignment, write an essay or term paper i need  to search e-books, articles, current news and other similar thing  on the internet .It really takes so much time when you work with lots of sources  without any useful tool like “Zotero”.

 That`s why i downloaded and started to use this. To collect your research files, organize and share them is not complicated and hard anymore. Its inside your browser and flexible to take some notes and work on them .

 As i said , i usually follow those useful and technological things  slowly and little bit late.. That`s why i explain such a popular software “zotero” excitedly like inventing somethingJ

 Nevertheless i would like to show how i got and started to use it simply for  people especially just like  me in those topics. I am going to share  some of screenshots which i took in basic steps to use it as well.

 First thing you should remember  that there are a few types of it and basically it is an add-on for a Firefox. Therefore, if you normally use a Internet Explorer, you should download the Firefox. Except the need for zotero, it is faster and prevent your windows from virus more.

 Then go to the web site “”  and click the “download” button on the right side.

Allow to install it . By the way, it may cause to lose your browser for a while but than it will work. You can see “zotero” at the bottom of your browser. Dont forget that you can use  it with “Microsoft Word” or “ Open Office” .

 After that, you should install the “word processor plugins”.

 Now you can add items from somewhere like “library catalog” ,”Amazon”, and so on.

 Lets see how it works with “Amazon”;

 While searching any book in there , you can see the little yellow symbol next to the address bar.If you click there ,you can chose any of those items to add your zotero .Than you can organize them by putting in the category and obtain any information as quick as you can do by using it.

 In my case, it is really necessary and pretty cool tool to use. But the sad thing happened when i notice that it was a huge waste of time when you avoid those things, like i did .

2 Responses to “Say Bye Bye to My Fear of Technology”

  1. PhilBart June 28, 2011 at 11:11 pm #

    Hey Tugce,
    I really like your post. Most of all, it is authentic. The way you talk about your attitude towards IT and PCs seem very honest, which is important to the reader. As this is the last post and a kind of summary of your working achievement and the knowledge you gained, the short resume of your “professional” contact with these sort of things is a good idea. You really managed to describe the installation and usage of Zotero in a very comprehensible way. I really feel the same way like you in your last sentence, it is a pity we did not deal with these simplifications before. Hence, let me know when there is something new and useful!;)


  1. Technology and Me « FUTURIMA - June 29, 2011

    […] I did not use any sophisticated strategy to find out about, or how to use programs and technologies. Every time I am getting to know something new, it comes naturally to just play with it, or let common sense led me to some point of least resistance. Tugce has already wonderfully described a very similar strategy before and since I don’t want to be a bad phone, I’ll simply link you to her post… […]

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