Say Bye Bye To My Fear Of Technology

28 Jun

We live in the era of technology. Who can imagine their life without mobile phone or computer? I guess the answer would be: “Nobody”. However, we need also to know how to use technologies otherwise they, that are created to make our lives easier, are useless.

I belong to people who have a fear of technology. Everything what is connected to computer such as new applications or installations makes me immediately scared. In the same time I realized that it can’t last forever because if I don’t install a useful add or the program it can happen that, for example, all the data will be lost.

This is the reason why I decided to solve the problem with advertisings and banners that appear on my screen all the time and annoy me. In order to find solution I checked add-ons for Firefox, the browser I use. As we can see, Adblock Plus  has the highest rating and many good references. It was written that this add-on gives you control of the internet and customizes your filters. That is why I chose it.

I installed Adblock and restarted Mozilla Firefox. However, nothing happened. Then I restarted it again and again but it didn’t give any result. Usually, I felt myself helpless and gave it up. But not today. As Professor Bruce taught us, I asked Google. It helped me to find this video where you can find detailed explanation of the installation process and a link to the web-site with useful information.

After Adblock was installed on my computer, I chose a filter subscription “Easy list”. When I open my favorite Facebook the next time, I could click the right button, press “Block the image” and then “Add filter”. After that this advertising or image is blocked and won’t appear on your screen anymore.

It was my first small victory. I found out that if you don’t give up immediately and if you know where and how to search, there will be no problems anymore. I am looking forward to continue with fighting against my technology fear.

5 Responses to “Say Bye Bye To My Fear Of Technology”

  1. PhilBart June 28, 2011 at 10:51 pm #

    Hey Wanda,
    I really liked this one! With a short and striking example you got to the heart of it and proved you learned something in this course. A problem that had frightened you earlier is now dealt with in a professional way, so although I do not like that every second post this week is called “Say Bye Bye To My Fear Of Technology”, for you the header really fits. It actually surprises me how much I like this post even it is visually not very appealing. Maybe you still want to check out Lisa’s post
    as she also wrote about Adblock and have a look at how she presented it!

  2. sasha1989 June 29, 2011 at 10:40 am #

    Thank you for your comment and for this useful link, Philip!
    PS: I am not Wanda, I am Sasha 😀

    • PhilBart June 29, 2011 at 1:02 pm #

      oops, sorry about that one;) I was wondering, because I thought Wanda is not in our group 😀

  3. arinanira June 29, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    Dear Sasha,

    Thank you for your lovely short story, on your quarrel with AdBlockPlus! ABP is actually my favorite plug-in for Firefox, since it gives us the power to censor any stupid ad and pop-up. Therefore I think that it’s a very good pick in order to illustrate a small victory. Your story illustrates that you clearly have the skills in order not to be frightened of technology at all!

    Well done!

  4. tuucce July 12, 2011 at 7:07 pm #

    Hi Sasha,
    It was really helpful to read your post espacially for a person with a fear of technology like me .To write my last blog post, i changed my browser as a Firefox after reading the advantages of it.Then immediately those kind of plug-ins have taken my attention. It s a little bit embarassing that i hadnt pay enough attention to these useful stuff before, like “ABP”. I agree with that the advertisements are prettty annoying and it is good to use some tools ( Adblock plus ..) to avoid them easily. Thanks for this informative and nice blog post 🙂

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