The usefulness of using technology!

28 Jun

Half a year after finishing „Introduction to Business Information Systems“, which was quite a pain to me, I am now reaching the end of another rather technological course, “Business Application Systems”. As I said already, BIS did not arouse my passion for any activities dealing with PCs really, hence I was not looking forward to BusApps.

To be honest, I did not fall in love with technology this time either but I cannot deny I learned some very important, useful and frequently applicable skills in this course. Furthermore, I must emphasize it succeeded in demystifying cyberspace to a certain extent, which I had not expected prior to the sessions.

To depict how my development in regards to IT occurred, I ask you to listen to the story of my ascent along my learning curve up to my personal “knowledge plateau”!;)













Back down in the Valley of IT- Morons, I was not very eager to experience the exertions awaiting me. I was an unmotivated, old- school PC- User using the Internet Explorer instead of fancy Firefox because “hey, it’s already installed!” and typing in for every search rather than using the toolbar. However, under the pressure of good grades and mountain guide Dr. B’s weekly advisory sessions, I was able to overcome that state of laziness and obsolescence recently.

At first, I used Google Blog search which I did not know before BusApps, to find out what makes Firefox more useful and worth installing. Though not a very good post, this one was sufficiently convincing and made me install it.

As I said earlier, I was not a steady user of every up- to- date software which can simplify virtual life a lot. Rather, I frequently missed updating older versions of software until it was not working right anymore. BusApps showed me though, that these things can be great assistants in the daily handling of minor to major problems on the web. Especially Google Reader, which I also just came across in this course, is an immense help in keeping track of daily, economic and sports news. Check out my colleague Kiki’s awesome post about the reader if you wnat to find out more about it.

Since these things we learned actually proved useful, I was encouraged to make use of more things and started using add- ons. I think there is not much benefit in explaining how convenient e.g. a Google or Wikipedia toolbar is as you probably found out long before me. However, I found one add- on which could be of interest for you.

The best example showing what I learned in BusApps is an add- on which lets you download music from Youtube (in case you care, experts argue whether that is legal or not, but the majority tends to say it is). First of all, before BusApps, I used an extra software for the downloads which was really bad, simply did not work properly and in the end, stopped functioning completely. It was really long- winded and since I found out about the usefulness of add- ons, I searched for one which does the same job. The first one I found was Youtube to MP3 1.0.7 with more than 3 million downloads and an average 4 of 5 stars rating. Usually, that would have been enough for me to download it. As I learned though that getting detailed information about whatever topic is not complicated, I was looking for independent evaluations on this kind of add- ons and, guess what, I found an even better one, Youtube MP3 1.0.2. This one is working just great! Click on the following screenshots to see how easily it works: This add- on simply creates this little Download button which you click on, decide where the mp3 file is saved and…

…this is it already! This is so much easier and faster than my old download software.

I hope this example gave you an impression how my understanding and knowledge about these technologies changed and it is worth not to be too fearful or lazy to make use of them! I also hope and think that there are higher “learning mountains” to climb and even though I do not want to spend all day in front of the screen, I know the next ascent is unavoidable.;)

4 Responses to “The usefulness of using technology!”

  1. garciana June 28, 2011 at 9:39 pm #

    Great! I loved your learning curve! “Moabit…” haha! This in itself is already a proof of your technological improvement, I mean, it is quite a thought-through constellation.
    Throughout your post, you managed to convince me of how useful this course has been, not so much in terms of technological claptrap but rather in finding out were our personal interests are and in finding ways of combining them with technological knowledge improvement and in terms of “demystification”, as you described it with the help of your screenshots. Thanks by the way for the hint, I am having troubles with my converter as well and I might try out your option. Great post, I’m looking forward to seeing how the next mountain might look like… 😉

  2. maxsc21 June 29, 2011 at 11:11 am #

    Moabit is beste and Wedding even better 😉 nice post philbart; i only would like to know how much time you have spend working on that elaborate diagram.. what a beauty.
    but not only that, you also have managed it to connect your personal way through the busapps course with the plug-in story.
    last point: you’ve also managed it to write about almost the same kind of plug-in as i did. Only shows how well-chosen our topic is..

  3. kristinajo June 29, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    hey philly,
    you are truly “girly” when it comes to technology (no offenc(s)e), but your description reminded me of myself. The course really made me realize how easier my life could and will be. Furthermore, your diagram is really cute (though I am really questioning the “Moabit ist Beste” flag). I really like the way you approached the topic, because it is different to the other posts I have read so far. Also the tip with the Youtube downloader is very convincing, especially remembering those days and nights without internet, 2 records on itunes and listening to 94.3 RS2. And trust me that was a horrible time…
    It was really nice reading your post and past posts, so thank you for this and everything…

    btw,you maybe also want to check out this website by the Guardian with the 100 most useful websites…

  4. moonjungkoo July 4, 2011 at 3:57 pm #

    wow, the Firefox Add-ons for Youtube works really good!! I think there are so many useful add-ons but we sometimes do not know what kind of add-ons available for us unless someone shows us how to do it like you did!

    During this semester, I have been writing about Chrome and Google Apps and I was slightly ingnoring Firefox as Chrome is now on upward trend. But, I think I have to admit that Firefox is still strong one of competitors and it might break through more shares with such brilliant add-on functions.

    Before downloading this, I have been using “Youtube repeat”

    to watch the same video over and over again. Did you know this repeat function on Youtube? Check it out, it is quite handy if you watch many videos on Youtube often!

    Again thanks for this informative post and I see your development in IT, Congrats ^-^


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