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The usefulness of using technology!

28 Jun

Half a year after finishing „Introduction to Business Information Systems“, which was quite a pain to me, I am now reaching the end of another rather technological course, “Business Application Systems”. As I said already, BIS did not arouse my passion for any activities dealing with PCs really, hence I was not looking forward to BusApps.

To be honest, I did not fall in love with technology this time either but I cannot deny I learned some very important, useful and frequently applicable skills in this course. Furthermore, I must emphasize it succeeded in demystifying cyberspace to a certain extent, which I had not expected prior to the sessions.

To depict how my development in regards to IT occurred, I ask you to listen to the story of my ascent along my learning curve up to my personal “knowledge plateau”!;)

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Burying the problem?

22 Jun

As I continue last weeks’ path of Germany’ s nuclear phase out, I today will deal with another difficulty the country is now facing.

German Chancellor Merkel admitted the shift from nuclear to renewable energy can only be achieved by making use of fossil fuels for the time in between.

If we want to exit nuclear energy and enter renewable energy, for the transition time we need fossil power plants, at least 10, more likely 20 gigawatts [of fossil capacity] need to be built in the coming 10 years“, Merkel said in a parliamentary declaration.

This will of course cause short- to mid- term increases in CO2 emissions, but since another governmental goal is also the reduction of CO2 emissions, politicians are facing a major task.

The solution to this problem might be a technology called “Carbon Capture and storage”. To see how this might help, check out the following video:

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New Dawn for Solar Energy

15 Jun

In this week`s post, I will continue illuminating the German nuclear phaseout as I did in my last two posts. This topic also gained in relevance as the Italians decided not to build nuclear power plants in their own country 2 days ago.

I n my last post, I dealt with on- and offshore wind energy and to continue the path of the renewables, I  chose solar energy as this week’s theme.

Currently, according to, only 1.1 % of the total electricity generation comes from photovoltaics, due mostly to its high price. However, as you can see in the statistics below, the solar energy is the one whose share is to increase the most compared to the other kinds of renewable energies. 

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A Breath of Fresh Air for German Energy

8 Jun

Last week, I presented Germany’s planned nuclear phaseout. As the German government intends to replace nuclear energy by energy from renewable sources, I decided to illuminate how this ambitious goal can be achieved. This week, I focused on, according to renewable energy expert Patrick Kenji Takahashi, who I will refer to in more detail later on,  “the most cost effective of all the renewables”: the wind energy.

According to an article from the Environment News Service, Germany does not only plan to abolish the usage of nuclear energy, it furthermore gave out the objective to reduce its CO2 emission by 40% and double its use of renewable energies by 2022. The same article also states that currently, 370.000 people work in the field of renewable energies. And the experts are agreed what is the strongest force in this strikingly important economic sector: guess what, it is the wind energy again.

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Shift of Mind

1 Jun

I think a great topic for this week’s blog post is Germany’s nuclear phaseout until 2022, as it is a major topic in the Germans’ and the EU members’ life and it will not only be a challenge to this country’s economy but also a task that demands a lot of technological progress and development in order to be achieved.

For everyone who happened to miss the news last night: Chancellor Merkel announced that the German government plans to fully abandon nuclear power within the next 11 years. She called it “a great challenge for Germany” but added this also means “huge opportunities for coming generations”. Norbert Roettgen, the environment minister, described it as follows: “This is coherent. It is clear. That’s why it is a good result.” It is a little strange if you compare this development to Merkel’s attitude to the phaseout two years ago and the extension of nuclear plants’ lifespans last year, but I will come back to that later. Continue reading


23 May

 According to a forecast by screen digest there will be more than 380 million smartphones on this planet. Hence, if in only 4 years about 5% of the world population are permanently using this little piece of magic, it would be extremely useful to become acquainted with the fancy stuff you can do with it. Besides the functions everyone  knows already and which cause the thin layer of dust on your laptop, I’d like to present some awesome, less common little apps  that assist in making  your everyday life easier and more pleasurable.

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Grab It By The Testicle!

17 May

Initially, I planned to keep on writing about my last post’s topic, the green web, green ISP’s  or alike. Quickly after I started my research, I found out this will still be “green” but in a different sense as I expected spnce I stumbled upon something really fascinating. Someone, actually, but let me start off with something else.

As the date of my homecoming approaches, I remembered the essential questions every pupil and even most high school graduates (including me and some fellow students) are still facing: What to do in life and how to afford all that.

The person being this post’s topic can be considered a good inspiration for all those you can´t imagine having a “classic” job. Hank Green is a professional vlogger (video blogger) and spends his day doing a variety of different things that have one thing in common: they happen on the web.

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