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27 Jun

After many weeks of exploring and getting to know the web, technology and IT in more detail than ever before, one major drawback or the thing that annoyed me the most, was the fact that I always had to keep track of the websites and blogs I was looking at, additionaly I sometimes failed to keep those in mind that could have been interesting to follow in the future. Soon i realized that there was (of course) something, that could solve all my problems, therefore I would like to introduce to you- the Google Reader.

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Get a Car and Honk!

21 Jun

I miss driving. In my hometown the first thing you do when you turn 17 is to go to the next driving school (choices are more or less limited) and apply for driving lessons. It is impossible not to have a drivers license, otherwise you are caged in Gelsenkirchen, with very limited possibilities in shopping, going out or just having a nice sunday funday roadtrip.
Since I moved to Berlin, I have barely touched a steering wheel. Buying crates of water (or beer) is basically impossible, as well as going to IKEA in order to buy some new nick-nacks for my flat.
Last week, after being in a different part of town, I found myself desperate, no trains nor busses operating and my only choice being the cab. Not only the money spent for nothing made me angry, but also an incident in the cab…

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Groupon – from rags to riches to rags again?

14 Jun

A few days ago, I decided that to spoil a friend and me with a massage. Searching the web for some nice and cheap places, I suddenly remembered that someone told me about this site Groupon. Groupon is a site, that offers discounts on e.g. massages, haircuts, etc.
And really, entering the website I found a deal, that offered two massages for the price of one. Wow!
Thinking more about it, I wondered how is this possible?Why would companies participate?What about Groupons earnings?
Questions over questions, so where to start?

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Do the Micro!

8 Jun

Heading towards the end of my blogging-“career”, I looked at my previous posts and skimmed them quickly. Which were the good ones? The passionate ones? Those who I am “proud” of? Blogging made me realize that there is a general field that really is able to please and outrage me at the same time, (international) politics. Things that made me WANT to write about. At the same time, I also figured that I have neglected one important topic of my studies: business.
Actually business and politics do have a lot in common, but combining it with IT aspects? That’s a tough one. I talked to friends about it and suddenly it fell like scales from my eyes : Microcredits.

Well, I don’t want to explain you in detail how microcredits work and how they were created, probably you already heard and read about it (and if not, I’ll let Wikipedia to the job here). I’d rather raise the question wether and how micro credits are working now, after they have been active for several years? Micro financing was the answer to the problems in third world countries, after people realized that donating money would not solve the problems in these countries. The idea of micro credits (espacially to women) by building up own businesses and helping people to help themselves,  turned out to be a very promising matter in development aid ,espacially in the long-term.

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Goodbye WWW – Iran Unplugged

29 May

Sometimes (well,actually usually), my first action in the morning is to open my laptop. Either to check whether my smartphone has developed an independent existence the last night (good/bad surprises included) or to fill the hole in my head and postbox without going down 5 floors for a newspaper. Additionally, I would consider myself being a facebook and blog addict. For hours and hours I may be lost in the endless sea of information, switching from important news, to music, to books and so and so forth. Switching from German, to US and to UK sites is not even worth mentioning, espacially considering that the World Wide Web is enabling us to “be” in many countries at the same time.

Imagine someone would now decide to create an own webspace for each and every country, destroying the World Wide Web and its aim by “separating” instead of “spreading” information. This someone unluckily has a name now. Or many names.

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Facebook 90210

20 May

Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl – most of you know these kinds of soap operas. A few good looking people, circulating gossip and of course big time drama. I have to confess, I am an addict. But it always seemed unrealistic. Having a short holiday in my beloved hometown Gelsenkirchen made me realize how wrong I was…

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Greetings from Superman?

16 May

Everyone of us has met Superman in their past, either on TV, in comics or maybe in the cinema. Escaping into a world far from reality, happy-ends and invincible people.

What would you say, if I told you Superman is alive? You would and should not believe me, but there is something coming up which sounds like a miracle.
The Univercity of Technology in Sydney has made a life-changing revelation for the industry and technological sector which is going to change our everyday life. Continue reading