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Get a Car and Honk!

21 Jun

I miss driving. In my hometown the first thing you do when you turn 17 is to go to the next driving school (choices are more or less limited) and apply for driving lessons. It is impossible not to have a drivers license, otherwise you are caged in Gelsenkirchen, with very limited possibilities in shopping, going out or just having a nice sunday funday roadtrip.
Since I moved to Berlin, I have barely touched a steering wheel. Buying crates of water (or beer) is basically impossible, as well as going to IKEA in order to buy some new nick-nacks for my flat.
Last week, after being in a different part of town, I found myself desperate, no trains nor busses operating and my only choice being the cab. Not only the money spent for nothing made me angry, but also an incident in the cab…

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“BB” – Before Bruce…

7 Jun

BB, there was only little I knew about weblogs.

I came across a few & I soon developed a kind of aversion against them. The sound of the word ‘blog’ made me shiver. Not only, because to me it was a portmanteau of the sound-of-vomit and frog – but also, because I knew that ‘blog’ meant: bad poetry, blurry pictures and boring diary-tales. Continue reading

Virtual world. Real money

2 Jun

Have you ever dreamed about owning a whole island by your company? Or probably you have thought about one single place where you could communicate personally with customers from all over the world? If you have done it then it is the time when your dreams can become true.

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Goodbye WWW – Iran Unplugged

29 May

Sometimes (well,actually usually), my first action in the morning is to open my laptop. Either to check whether my smartphone has developed an independent existence the last night (good/bad surprises included) or to fill the hole in my head and postbox without going down 5 floors for a newspaper. Additionally, I would consider myself being a facebook and blog addict. For hours and hours I may be lost in the endless sea of information, switching from important news, to music, to books and so and so forth. Switching from German, to US and to UK sites is not even worth mentioning, espacially considering that the World Wide Web is enabling us to “be” in many countries at the same time.

Imagine someone would now decide to create an own webspace for each and every country, destroying the World Wide Web and its aim by “separating” instead of “spreading” information. This someone unluckily has a name now. Or many names.

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Second Life…Are you in?

26 May

After five weeks of blogging, I found myself in prostration. I had three blogs posts about Social Networks and two of them about 3D and its future. And I absolutely didn’t know where to go next and what to write. What shall Social Networks and 3D have in common? For a long time I was thinking about it until I decided to ask GOOGLE. As it is known, GOOGLE knows everything and my situation wasn’t an exception. I found Second Life. Continue reading

What is the future of Social Networks

20 May

Previous weeks I wrote about the future of 3D and I got so much excited about this future topic so I decided not to give it up. My two first blog posts were about Facebook and privacy on Facebook that is why I got an idea to connect these two topics and to write about the future of social networks. I made a couple of researches trying different search words in Google like “Social Networking 3.0”, “the future of Social networks” and so on. And what do you think? I found Continue reading

Facebook 90210

20 May

Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl – most of you know these kinds of soap operas. A few good looking people, circulating gossip and of course big time drama. I have to confess, I am an addict. But it always seemed unrealistic. Having a short holiday in my beloved hometown Gelsenkirchen made me realize how wrong I was…

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