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17 Jun

What do you do, when you want to find a certain company, but you do not now its name? The first think that I do in this case is simply to open Google and type in something related to the activities of the company. For example, I was recently wondering where from can I buy a car, driven purely on electricity. To quickly get all the answers I typed the term “electrical car” in the Google browser, and of course I got all the information that I needed.

Why should we spend our money and time in creating sophisticated websites, for the needs of our business, when people can not find it easily through the most widely used search engines, like Google or Bing for example? How you understand this is a rhetoric question. Simply building up our website and putting all the vital information in there is not enough. We should pay much attention on the search engine optimization because it can greatly contribute to more people visiting our website.

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New Dawn for Solar Energy

15 Jun

In this week`s post, I will continue illuminating the German nuclear phaseout as I did in my last two posts. This topic also gained in relevance as the Italians decided not to build nuclear power plants in their own country 2 days ago.

I n my last post, I dealt with on- and offshore wind energy and to continue the path of the renewables, I  chose solar energy as this week’s theme.

Currently, according to, only 1.1 % of the total electricity generation comes from photovoltaics, due mostly to its high price. However, as you can see in the statistics below, the solar energy is the one whose share is to increase the most compared to the other kinds of renewable energies. 

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Google I/O

14 Jun

Two years ago, while watching Google I/O, I met this talented guy’s name on the screen. Vic Gundotra (born June 14, 1968), is Senior Vice-President of Social for Google and was previously a general manager at Microsoft. Vic Gundotra is senior vice president of Social at Google, responsible for its social products such as +1. Previously he was a Vice President of Engineering responsible for developer evangelism and open source programs. He also manages applications development. Prior to Google, Vic worked 15 years at Microsoft as General Manager of Microsoft’s developer outreach efforts. At Microsoft, he was responsible for a variety of products and operating systems, including Windows 3.0, NT, Windows XP, and Vista.

He is born talented manager and leader, his acting, leading and interest into new technology are familiar to me. Because I am also interested in new creation and technology. He said in his last interview that the time has come for Google I/O, the search giant’s annual developer event. Google uses I/O as a forum for unveiling some of its most significant user-facing innovations and key parts of its technology roadmap.

What is Google I/O?

Google I/O was started in 2008. The “I” and “O” stand for “Innovation in the Open“, and input/output. The format of the event is similar to that of the Google Developer Day.

Google I/O is an annual two-day developer-focused conference held by Google in San Francisco, California Google I/O features highly technical, in-depth sessions focused on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more. Google I/O 2011 has shown that Google is on a mission and expressed the intention to present its products in nearly all the tech markets. The intention to release its plans within the next several months and years seems to be unreachable. The representatives of Google amplified the idea that their reliance on search and advertising is completed and the new technologies should take place. Now, we can see the foundation for these ideas as Google is trying to get its share in the market of Smartphone. The purchase of AdMob, dated 2009 appeared to be a step in taking part in mobile advertising. Surprisingly, Google didn’t say anything about its development in the market of mobile communication as well as mobile advertising.

The most impressive announcement of Google was Google Music. This very service will provide customers with the access to music over the web. The lucky owners of Androids will be able to reach the music files through the cloud. Seems that Google wants to become a leading player in the market but, now it doesn’t present any threat to the iTunes of Apple.

Here is detailed information, watch it till the end, so interesting to know how world is developing:

Back to the roots of customer integrity

14 Jun

The topic I am writing about today will be all about a place we students know best – IKEA. More specifically, I am going to report about the self-checkout systems that can recently be found in stores. It must have been around March this year that I was having my first self-checkout experience. Just lovely!

So how does the system work? What you do is to collect all the items you want to buy, locate the self-checkout lane, pass the scanner over the bar code of the chosen item and wait for the on-screen prompts for payment method. It is actually quite simple to handle. Apparently, IKEA is not the only company believing in the service of self-checkout systems. Aura Sabadus, writing for the Financial Times, states that especially supermarkets increase self-checkouts.

Supermarkets are aiming to double self-checkout tills within three years, spurred by improvements in technology and recession-induced cost cuts. About 15,000 will be in operation across UK stores in 2011, up from 7,000 last year.“

Now I started wondering why firms like IKEA decide to implement something that could be quite harmful in security matters. I will now try to find an answer to this by working through articles of the Retailer Magazine, founder and CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates Charles H. Green, and finally hobby blogger Roshan and Utpalja.

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Groupon – from rags to riches to rags again?

14 Jun

A few days ago, I decided that to spoil a friend and me with a massage. Searching the web for some nice and cheap places, I suddenly remembered that someone told me about this site Groupon. Groupon is a site, that offers discounts on e.g. massages, haircuts, etc.
And really, entering the website I found a deal, that offered two massages for the price of one. Wow!
Thinking more about it, I wondered how is this possible?Why would companies participate?What about Groupons earnings?
Questions over questions, so where to start?

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Virtual degree. Do you want one?

13 Jun

Last week we discussed about advantages and disadvantages of doing business in Second Life. We could see that many companies invested their time and money in it. However, not only enterprises find this virtual platform attractive.

According to the article “Second Life: What’s there is potential”, there are more than 100 schools and universities in Second Life. You can attend online training, class and workshop or even make a presentation and pass exam there. It sounds unreal but Continue reading

Save Your Money,Save Your Time

12 Jun

Are you too lazy to follow all technological changes around you,( like me )? If your answer is “yes” ,don’t shame about that and be ready for some changes in your life.

Let me give you some specific examples to make it more clear ;

I used to think that all cell phones were the same, because the main point of using them was common. Different shape,size, color or any other feature weren’t worth to spend more money than others with almost the same qualities.


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