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Get a Car and Honk!

21 Jun

I miss driving. In my hometown the first thing you do when you turn 17 is to go to the next driving school (choices are more or less limited) and apply for driving lessons. It is impossible not to have a drivers license, otherwise you are caged in Gelsenkirchen, with very limited possibilities in shopping, going out or just having a nice sunday funday roadtrip.
Since I moved to Berlin, I have barely touched a steering wheel. Buying crates of water (or beer) is basically impossible, as well as going to IKEA in order to buy some new nick-nacks for my flat.
Last week, after being in a different part of town, I found myself desperate, no trains nor busses operating and my only choice being the cab. Not only the money spent for nothing made me angry, but also an incident in the cab…

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