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Want new shoes? – I print you some.

25 May

We can almost call it Bergfest as we are working on our 5th post of the current semester. Accordingly, I can resume that my field of interest has taken on an interesting form: Having been convinced about sticking to anything that is green (this might have been an act of coloring any possible, negative effect of information technologies), I suddenly found myself in the middle of a new discussion: Viral marketing. Let me tell you, this truly meant a lot considering marketing not really being of any interest to me. Even better, I actually had fun writing this blog post.

So there I was, stuck between the nostalgic and the experimental student which meant staying green or moving on. For this, I thank the news for the headline Trade Fair: LASER World of Photonics 2011 and the so- called 3D printer for having caught my attention. Let’s step into something innovative and futuristic!

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Cyborg Revolution

19 May

It was Johann’s nice comment on my post about robots that inspired me to think a little further – about the literal fusion of man and machine, instead of simple coexistence.

For those of you who do not happen to be familiar with the term “cyborg” from science fiction or something, I’ll give an explanation (If you are an ‘insider’ you’re welcome to move on to the next paragraph!): The term “cyborg” was coined back in the 60ies by M. Clynes and N. Kline in their article “Cyborgs and Space” (which deals with the advantages of altered human beings in extraterrestrial environments). The word itself describes a being that is both biological and artificial. Going by that it is actually enough to have some (medicinal) implants in order to claim the cool title. (Referring to your grandmother as cyborg might provoke some funny associations though, since they are commonly portrayed in Sci-Fi as something like this, this…or that)

A cyborg as pictured in the cartoon "Ghost in the Shell"

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Robot Invasion

10 May

The idea of artificial life always fascinated humankind and therefore can be found in various myths and stories. Pygmalion’s sculpture, Frankenstein’s creature and the Machine-Man from Metropolis illustrate the human desire to enliven things pretty good. Through time the substance of these ‘mythical creatures’ changed and with technological development some of them stepped out of fiction. Our dreams of robots used to outclass reality.

No more!

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