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Shift of Mind

1 Jun

I think a great topic for this week’s blog post is Germany’s nuclear phaseout until 2022, as it is a major topic in the Germans’ and the EU members’ life and it will not only be a challenge to this country’s economy but also a task that demands a lot of technological progress and development in order to be achieved.

For everyone who happened to miss the news last night: Chancellor Merkel announced that the German government plans to fully abandon nuclear power within the next 11 years. She called it “a great challenge for Germany” but added this also means “huge opportunities for coming generations”. Norbert Roettgen, the environment minister, described it as follows: “This is coherent. It is clear. That’s why it is a good result.” It is a little strange if you compare this development to Merkel’s attitude to the phaseout two years ago and the extension of nuclear plants’ lifespans last year, but I will come back to that later. Continue reading

Goodbye WWW – Iran Unplugged

29 May

Sometimes (well,actually usually), my first action in the morning is to open my laptop. Either to check whether my smartphone has developed an independent existence the last night (good/bad surprises included) or to fill the hole in my head and postbox without going down 5 floors for a newspaper. Additionally, I would consider myself being a facebook and blog addict. For hours and hours I may be lost in the endless sea of information, switching from important news, to music, to books and so and so forth. Switching from German, to US and to UK sites is not even worth mentioning, espacially considering that the World Wide Web is enabling us to “be” in many countries at the same time.

Imagine someone would now decide to create an own webspace for each and every country, destroying the World Wide Web and its aim by “separating” instead of “spreading” information. This someone unluckily has a name now. Or many names.

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