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31 May

If I had to name one thing, that interests me most in people, it certainly would be perception. Despite all of us use somewhat the same tools; sensory cells (designed specifically to detect some aspect of the surrounding environment), a series of neurons (that transmit the perceived information to the brain) and a segment of the brain (for receiving and analyzing that information); in order to observe the environment, the outcome (the picture of the world we create in our heads) usually differs dramatically.

Have you ever heard the expression “We don’t see things as they are – we see them as we are.”? It is a well-known quote by Anaïs Nin that allegorically sums up, what to me is the most interesting part of the whole perception process, the fact that subjective perspective is not only created through perception, but also vice versa influences what we pay attention to and the way we evaluate our surroundings.

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