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“greenwashing” – A fairy tale of the green giant!

10 May

Once upon a time, there was a huge giant covered in a cloak of trees, playing with the clouds, roaming the woods and valleys, and listening to the harmonies of willows blowing softly in the wind; he surely beamed with joy and sereneness. He was kind, the green giant: He cropped little wind generators, played the strings of overhead power lines and arranged tidal power plants in the infinite vastness of the ocean.

It can be so easy to make big things happen. When you’re a giant!


New advertising campaign “RWE – the energy to lead”

This slogan belongs to the imagefilm production of the advertising agency Jung von Matt as part of RWE’s big budget advertising campaign in Europe. Indeed, I was more than astonished to hear about the big news: The energy giant intends to conquer the eco- friendly market, truly in the spirit of “RWE – the energy to lead”.

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