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Who rules the WWW?

23 Jun

The World Wide Web has grown dramatically, since it was established by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Today, the ‘uber network’ contains at least 18 billion pages, connects numerous networks around the globe and is populated by an estimated quarter of the earth’s population. In case we have not noticed before, it was last semester that most of us learned (from the BBC documentary Mr. Müller showed us) that the web reshaped, is reshaping and will continue to reshape all kinds of media and by that influences our perceptions, our attitudes and the way we think – that makes overall pretty much every aspect of human life being reshaped!


I do not intend to bore you with facts you already know. This blog post serves the purpose of taking a closer look on relevant facts and opinions on governance of our lovely, digital, parallel universe, in order to give a satisfying answer on the lead-question. Continue reading

Greetings from Superman?

16 May

Everyone of us has met Superman in their past, either on TV, in comics or maybe in the cinema. Escaping into a world far from reality, happy-ends and invincible people.

What would you say, if I told you Superman is alive? You would and should not believe me, but there is something coming up which sounds like a miracle.
The Univercity of Technology in Sydney has made a life-changing revelation for the industry and technological sector which is going to change our everyday life. Continue reading