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Say “Bye Bye” To My Fear of Technology – Cascading Style Sheets

28 Jun

After nine weeks of blogging, here comes the final post giving you a last insight on information technology in a business world. At this time I am going to talk technological, more than ever. You might wonder about the incentives I as a female have by wanting to write about such dry, male- dominant field of study. It has a simple answer: The actual aim of this blog post is to overcome my personal fear of technology or as they say: “Don’t fear technology. It can be turned OFF!”

So why not simply jump into the pool full of data, commands, and web complexity. The first information I came across while cyber diving was the WebWork PowerPoint provided by my professor Dr. Bruce. It basically was an introduction to various topics such as databases, templates, and plug- inns. If having to write about something complicated, I was more than happy to have the possibility to choose. And if so, why not choosing something I feel quite comfortable with – Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)! In general, CSS is a powerful web tool used to describe the formatting of a document written in a markup language (HTML, XML), or as Philipp Lenssen in a Quick Guide to Web Development summarizes: “CSS are the way to layout a page“!

For some of you, it is already clear what is meant by it. For those who do not: this is my attempt of breaking it down into simple terms.

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Let’s communicate economically!

21 Jun

Facebook, Instant Messenger, Skype, and Outlook – those are communication tools we are quite aware of nowadays since communication, respectively social communication, has turned out to be a centre element of our generation and the current Web 2.0. What I would like to do in this post today is to move the discussion on communication up to a business level.

The Sphere of Unified Communication Systems

Respectively I have to mention that over the past few years, a social technology called Unified Communications (UC) has evolved to provide powerful and affordable business communication capabilities. How does a Unified Communication system work?

It collects various real-time communication services such as telephony, instant messaging, and video conferencing with non real-time communication services such as e-mail, SMS and Fax.  In other words, UC transforms them into a unified communication interface. Just imagine you are in a business meeting: If a Fax is coming in at your office, you are not only able to receive the notification on your Smartphone or Laptop. You can also directly see what is written in the document. At the same time, you can rely on presence information to see who of your business partners currently is online. If necessary, a videoconference can be convened after the meeting. Continue reading

Back to the roots of customer integrity

14 Jun

The topic I am writing about today will be all about a place we students know best – IKEA. More specifically, I am going to report about the self-checkout systems that can recently be found in stores. It must have been around March this year that I was having my first self-checkout experience. Just lovely!

So how does the system work? What you do is to collect all the items you want to buy, locate the self-checkout lane, pass the scanner over the bar code of the chosen item and wait for the on-screen prompts for payment method. It is actually quite simple to handle. Apparently, IKEA is not the only company believing in the service of self-checkout systems. Aura Sabadus, writing for the Financial Times, states that especially supermarkets increase self-checkouts.

Supermarkets are aiming to double self-checkout tills within three years, spurred by improvements in technology and recession-induced cost cuts. About 15,000 will be in operation across UK stores in 2011, up from 7,000 last year.“

Now I started wondering why firms like IKEA decide to implement something that could be quite harmful in security matters. I will now try to find an answer to this by working through articles of the Retailer Magazine, founder and CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates Charles H. Green, and finally hobby blogger Roshan and Utpalja.

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Let’s add some virtual spice to the real meal!

7 Jun

Over the past few weeks, I have been enjoying a fascinating travel throughout the world of information technologies. I met the green giant, tickled the green cloud, admired the magical 3D printer and refused to shoot the Tipp- Ex bear. I was more than enchanted by the plethora on revolutionary business ideas. It is for now that I want to explore something less materialistic but more visualized – Augmented Reality, or in short AR!

All that the service does is to enhance real world experience with digital information. At this, a physical real-world environment is perceived via a camera of a digital device. The device detects a visual code in order to translate and then layer information in forms of graphics, description fields or animations onto those real world objects.

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Through the lens, the new trend of Video hiring!

31 May

Imagine this: Every now and then, CEO Baker needs to screen potential applicants for vacant job positions in his company. On his desk rests a huge pile of promising applications and he is more than eager about getting to know each one of them in personal. Still, he might not be able to interview those among the group of potential employees that are located elsewhere – may it be the near-by city or across the pond. What will he do?

This might be interesting for all of you IBMAN students. Have you ever imagined how YOUR job interview may look like? Would you be willing to pay 300 bugs for a flight ticket as author Ninja had to consider once (read more at Would you pay for a job interview?). Honestly, I would not. Respectively, CEO Baker would not want to pay either. What a twist, but here comes the answer: Skype!

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Want new shoes? – I print you some.

25 May

We can almost call it Bergfest as we are working on our 5th post of the current semester. Accordingly, I can resume that my field of interest has taken on an interesting form: Having been convinced about sticking to anything that is green (this might have been an act of coloring any possible, negative effect of information technologies), I suddenly found myself in the middle of a new discussion: Viral marketing. Let me tell you, this truly meant a lot considering marketing not really being of any interest to me. Even better, I actually had fun writing this blog post.

So there I was, stuck between the nostalgic and the experimental student which meant staying green or moving on. For this, I thank the news for the headline Trade Fair: LASER World of Photonics 2011 and the so- called 3D printer for having caught my attention. Let’s step into something innovative and futuristic!

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How Tipp-Ex BEARs its teeth!

17 May

If it wasn’t for my colleague Irisng13 and her article about viral marketing, I might still be wandering in the greenish, cloudy nature of the Blogosphere. It is not that the muddle of futuristic IT inventions would have been too overwhelming (I surely will try to untangle them!) but today, I take the long way and have a digression into something less scientific but more fun – the tippexperience!

That is probably the moment you are simply not interested in facing once again an absurd campaign revealing nothing but thin air. Indeed, I am only presenting another viral campaign on YouTube, launched by Tipp- Ex last year. Still and strictly speaking, this campaign is anything else but thin air – you can actually touch and interact. Even better, you as the customer have the power to white out and change the future. This seems to be a near – miracle!

Shoot the bear or decide better

In this clip the hunter is asked to shoot a bear. He refuses and reaches out for the Tipp- Ex Pocket Mouse next to the YouTube player, literally crossing borders of visualization. Next he whitens out the word shoot (here we have the typical feature of a Tipp- Ex; a pretty smart link). The viewer is then asked to participate by substituting the word shoot by anything that sounds fancy. Soon we witness bear and hunter hugging, dancing, loving, and doing lots of less attractive things (room for imagination). If you haven’t seen it yet, you should go and “Shoot the Bear”.

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