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Through the lens, the new trend of Video hiring!

31 May

Imagine this: Every now and then, CEO Baker needs to screen potential applicants for vacant job positions in his company. On his desk rests a huge pile of promising applications and he is more than eager about getting to know each one of them in personal. Still, he might not be able to interview those among the group of potential employees that are located elsewhere – may it be the near-by city or across the pond. What will he do?

This might be interesting for all of you IBMAN students. Have you ever imagined how YOUR job interview may look like? Would you be willing to pay 300 bugs for a flight ticket as author Ninja had to consider once (read more at Would you pay for a job interview?). Honestly, I would not. Respectively, CEO Baker would not want to pay either. What a twist, but here comes the answer: Skype!

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